Behind the scenes at the Smart winter fashion shoot

Smart editor April Trotter wears many hats, literally. Here, she preps model Amanda Lentz, 33, during a wardrobe change. Photo — Ashley May

Yesterday, Smart editor April Trotter and I took three beautiful models to a local farm for the Smart winter fashion shoot, featuring a variety of stylish coats and winter accessories.

Amidst many farm animals, including hens, goats, cats and a dog that tried to get into every shot, I had a blast and loved working with such lovely ladies.

Smart editor April Trotter, left, tucks in a tag on a winter coat worn by model Jess Reed, 34. Photo — Ashley May

Models Amanda Lentz, 33, Michelle Mayer Haas, 41, and Jess Reed, 34, (you might recognize Jess, because she won our Smart Health Challenge) looked winter-wonderful posing for the camera.

Also, we were so privileged to include clothing from local businesses such as Arthur & Daughters and My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe.

Be sure to grab the November/December issue of Smart (it comes out in early November) to see the fashion spread! To get one delivered to your house for free, sign up here.

April shared these photos from the shoot yesterday on Twitter:

Ashley May

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  1. Jess says:

    This is sooooo awesome! I cannot WAIT to see your photos, Ashley, in print. All the ladies look lovely, but a special shout-out to Jess Reed, who looks gorgeous!

  2. Michelle Haas is stunningly beautiful!!!! She must be a professional model.
    Love the clothes on all of the girls.

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