Star styles we love: What female celebrity is your fashion icon?

They have the status, the influence and the red-carpet invitations. But, more importantly, they have access to fashions before they hit the runway and the cash to purchase them.

They are the fashion icons of Hollywood — the ladies that make you Google designers like Monique Lhuillier and J. Mendel when you see gowns at the Emmys; then, search for an affordable knock-off.

Vogue, in The Vogue 120, named a few of these lovely ladies: Adele (for her sixties style), Victoria Beckham (for achieving the status of a credible designer) and Beyoncé (for her sassy outfits).

Read on to see the smart, stylish starlets the fashion panel loves the most.

I’m pretty sure I own this coat in green. (Marsaili McGrath/AP Images for Gibson Guitar)

April Trotter: I absolutely love Zooey Deschanel’s cute, quirky style.

She is a fresh reminder that Hollywood starlets don’t have to bare a lot of skin to be eye-catching on and off the red carpet.

She wears a lot of fun prints, bright colors, and shape-flattering, retro-style dresses. And as a fellow J. Crew-lover, I appreciate her wearing affordable styles on the set of “New Girl” that can easily be emulated by her fans.

Sure, not every outfit is a home run — her 2012 Emmy dress had a bit too much tulle and her 2012 Golden Globes dress failed to impress. But I like her willingness to think outside the box and go against the fashion grain.

Plus she has awesome bangs.

Actress Emma Watson attends the 19th Annual ELLE Women In Hollywood Celebration in Los Angels on Monday Oct. 15, 2012. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP)

Ashley May: Emma Watson has come along way since playing the homely nerd Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.

She has graced the cover of Vogue wearing Prada and usually ends up holding her own on the red carpet, frequently listed as one of Hollywood’s best dressed.

In 2010, we learned that style runs in the family when she recruited her brother to join in on her Burberry ad campaign.

She has a classic style that has just the right punch of high-fashion edge. When she goes for a sexier look, she doesn’t opt for a plunging neckline down to her bellybutton. But, instead, goes for a more glamorous cut.

She’s been a strong force in the celebrity fashion scene for several years now. And, I don’t see her going out of style anytime soon.

Lucy Hale arrives at the 10th Annual Teen Vogue ‘Young Hollywood’ Party with Emporio Armani on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012, in Los Angeles. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision for Teen Vogue/AP Images)

Natalie Schwind: I’d have to say I really like the style of Lucy Hale, also known as Aria from Pretty Little Liars. She usually wears darker colors that aren’t too flashy or obnoxious. When she does wear bright colors, they are balanced by a dark jacket or pants. Most of the time, especially on the show, Lucy wears dresses and leggings. She looks very dressy but not over the top. Her looks can be worn any time and they look very affordable. She looks cute without seeming as though she tried to hard.

Marion Cotillard arrives for the European premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, at a central London cinema, Wednesday, July 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Jonathan Short)

Emileigh Clare: Lately I’ve been loving everything Marion Cotillard wears. Her style is so elegant and classy. She wears a lot of vintage-inspired clothing, in real life and on screen.

Her clothes were gorgeous in “Midnight in Paris,” where she rocked the flapper look with a sequined dress and pincurls. I also loved her style in “Inception.” She reminded me of a Hitchcock femme fatale when she stood on the ledge of a building in one pivotal scene, wearing a gorgeous purple dress while threatening to jump.

No matter what Cotillard wears, she looks stunning and timeless, but never boring. She’s a fashion icon to watch.

Designer Gwen Stefani poses next to her fashion line L.A.M.B during fashion week, in New York, on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2009. (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Sam Dellinger: Music has always been a huge influence in my life so it’s no surprise
that my celebrity fashion idol is a musician.

I love Gwen Stefani and have been following both her career and fashion style since I was in high school. And for me that’s been more than 20 years.

Gwen once shared in an early interview in her musical career how she would create her own outfits for the stage when she performed with her band No Doubt.



Gwen Stefani arrives at the The Heart Foundation event in Los Angeles in May. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

But don’t let her punk rock roots, chain wallets and plaid pants fool you. Gwen also has a girly side, too. On the red carpet she has dressed just as elegantly as other well-known Hollywood actresses often do.

I really like how she is able to mix urban edginess with classic appeal giving her a signature look that is both strong and feminine.

She also is the designer behind the clothing line L.A.M.B. Which, really is a perfect representation of the natural elegance and edgy feel that Gwen is know for.

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Natalie Schwind thinks fashion is often overrated. She’s not into designers or name brands. Why buy something super expensive, when you can buy the same thing or something similar for much less? $20 is her shopping range. Natalie doesn’t believe in looking like a bum, but feels that you can look just as great without spending tons of money.

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