Making the most of York’s ‘Frankenstorm’

Mittens the cat

Smart blogger Lyzz Jones and her family dressed up their cat, Mittens, for some rainy-day entertainment.

Along with high winds and a lot of rain, Hurricane Sandy may have also brought some much-needed time off for York area residents. With York County schools closing and the governor declaring a state of emergency across Pennsylvania, Yorkers are looking ahead at some rainy days indoors this week. If you’re finished stocking up on the three Bs (bottled water, batteries and bananas), here are some ways to pass the time while you wait out the storm.

  • Tell ghost stories. ’Tis the season, after all! That new flashlight you bought can be a fun accessory for some scary family fun. Take turns telling Halloween tales, or weave together one long story with each family member picking up the narration when someone else trails off.
  • Give yourself a manicure. If your electricity is out, a manicure by candle- or flashlight can be a low-tech and relaxing way to pass the time and beautify yourself. Sitting around and doing nothing can serve a very good purpose by allowing your nails to dry! (Note: keep flammable materials, like nail polish remover or cotton balls, safely away from open flames.)
  • Give yourself a pedicure. Same rules as above. Even though the flip-flops and strappy sandals might be packed away, don’t let your feet become gross. Keep your tootsies cute year round!
  • Winterize your wardrobe. If your basement or storage area had to be prepped for possible flooding, you may have come across your storage containers for seasonal clothing. If you haven’t already, now is as good a time as any to start packing away the summer styles and make room for boots and sweaters.
  • Practice a hobby. Well-loved hobbies are often neglected during the busyness of everyday life. Use the unexpected down time from the storm to practice a musical instrument, start a knitting project or work on a jigsaw puzzle. Now is the perfect time to pick up those personal projects or interests, many of which don’t require electricity.
  • Plan your holiday shopping. When I don’t know what else to do, I start making lists. (Like this one!) Planning your holiday gift list now can help you to budget accordingly in the coming months. You might save a few dollars in the long run, and you can give yourself plenty of time to avoid the last-minute December shopping rush.
  • Dress up your pets. When all else fails, put your cat in a dress. Or your dog. Or your children. Get those Halloween costumes out a little early and have some fun at home.

Whatever you do, do it as a family! (Yes, pets are certainly valuable family members, too. Just ask Lyzz and Mittens.) Enjoy the down time from the storm, and stay safe and dry with some fun activities indoors.

What are you doing to stay occupied during Hurricane Sandy?

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