Don’t compromise style while staying warm this winter

Winter coats are on sale at Mango in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

As much as it pains me to say it, I think winter weather is here to stay.

Gone are flip flops and tank tops. With freezing temperatures overnight and brisk days ahead, it’s time to brush off winter coats and accessories.

But how can you stay warm without looking like a marshmallow?

Smart style bloggers share how they overcome winter’s style setbacks:

April Trotter

April Trotter: While I appreciate a great-fitting winter coat in a fun pop of color as much as any other lady, my secret weapon for staying warm is in the layers.

I love wearing leather riding boots over skinny jeans. And for extra-cold days, I pull on my latest cold-weather accessory find: World’s Softest Sock Company socks. I scored the American-made socks at Kimman’s in Downtown York for $9.95.

When I have to be outside for more than a few minutes, I like to wear workout gear designed for the harshest of elements. So what if I’m running errands and not a marathon? The stuff is thin enough that no one can tell it’s under my jeans and sweater, but it keeps me nice and toasty.

I recently picked up Nike Women’s Hyperwarm Dri-FIT tights and shirts. Bring it on, old man winter.

Ashley May

Ashley May: Winter requires more clothes: added layers, weatherproof boots and warm coats. Scarves, sweaters, blazers, jackets, boots, gloves and hats are all cold-weather-exclusive pieces.

So, the style part is easy — mix and match your layers, add a burst of color with a scarf and find a hat that works for you. Invest in a winter coat you love and feel confident in, and also is practical when venturing out in a blizzard. The season allows for a little more funk in your fashion, because pairing patterns and colors are a must to keep warm.

But, the challenge always is how to stay summer sexy in winter wear — AKA maintain defined curves under three or more layers of clothing.

Do that by: Adding a belt to a dress and cardigan combo to cinch the waist, choosing a skinny pant (I love black leather pants), find a shapely blazer that flairs above the waist, buy boots with a little (or a lot) of heel to boost your bum and embrace short dresses paired with solid nylons.

Natalie Schwind

Natalie Schwind: I get lazy when it comes to winter fashion. My winter outfits consist of skinny jeans, boots and a jacket.

Very cute, but a typical everyday look. I don’t bother worrying about choosing cute tops because most of the time they will be covered up.

Sam Dellinger

Samantha Dellinger: I like the line of warm underwear by Cuddl Duds. I can wear the Cuddl Duds ClimateSmart Legging under dress pants and it doesn’t look bulky.

When I want to wear a skirt I go for sweater tights or a wear leggings.

Winter coats can look bulky especially for me since I’m 5’3″ I have to be careful because heavy coats make me look like a potato. So I look for coats that are tapered in at waist to help define my shape.

Arm warmers and pretty knitted scarves can be worn indoors to add a layer of warmth and still keep you looking stylish. I have even bought long heavy knee socks and cut the foot ends off to turn them into arm warmers too.

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April Trotter is the editor of Smart. She owns way too many cardigans and ballet flats. She gravitates toward the color mustard whenever possible. Most of her wardrobe comes from TJ Maxx and outlet stores. She loves coupons for clothing discounts. Follow her on Twitter @AprilTrotter.

Ashley May is a Smart Magazine fashion writer and photographer. She has an eclectic wardrobe and loves mixing boutique-vintage with modern styles or experimenting with new color combinations. See more of Ashley’s fashion-forward tips on every Wednesday. Follow her on Twitter @AshleyMayTweets.

Natalie Schwind thinks fashion is often overrated. She’s not into designers or name brands. Why buy something super expensive, when you can buy the same thing or something similar for much less? $20 is her shopping range. Natalie doesn’t believe in looking like a bum, but feels that you can look just as great without spending tons of money.

Samantha Dellinger loves fashion because it’s how each person can express his or her individuality. She thinks the biggest fashion faux pas people make is wearing the same thing/style over and over again. Follow her @BlackCat911.

April Trotter

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