Video: Make a holder for running bibs

If you participate in the York running community, like me, you might have acquired many running bibs.

They might be piling up on your desk or thrown in the corner. I noticed that the more I had, the more they would slip and slide around and not stay in a neat pile. They are light and easily fall all over the place.

One day, I had seen running boards on Etsy, but they cost up to $50. I decided to try the task myself, and came out making one just as good for less than $10.

I had stencils, paint brushes and paint already, but if you do not have these and depending on how many colors you use, I would guess you won’t spend more than $20. The paints don’t need to be fancy, nor the stencils. Borrow from a friend or your child’s craft box.

Do you have a holder for your running bibs or medals? Send us pictures of your creations!

Bethany Fehlinger

Bethany Fehlinger is a journalist in the Design Center at the York Daily Record. She is a graduate of Penn State University, is a York City dweller and has been vegetarian and geek for more than five years. Twitter: @Wonder_veggie

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