Homeschooling through the holidays

One thing that is AMAZING about homeschooling – and our relaxed style of it in particular – is that the holidays no longer have that rush-rush-rush to finish projects for each subject before break.

That was one of the biggest stressors for Sarah in public school, and it’s been SO nice to take Thanksgiving and now Christmas at a much more casual pace.

The funny thing is, our holidays don’t look that different from other days. We read, we watch movies, Sarah gets a random idea for some project or another. While we were trimming the tree, she wrote her own version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Longhand. Writing each verse’s “stuff” again each time.

It’s pretty phenomenal to see how much learning happens when you’re willing to relax and let it happen. And our holidays are so much less stressful… we have even been able to finish our decorating already!

Even our reading list is a little “lazy.” But that’s OK; it’s still fun!


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