Outerwear: What to look for when buying a winter coat

Vintage Blonde Mink Fur from Arthur & Daughters, $275. Photo by Ashley May.

Don’t get lost in your winter coat this year!

DM New York Jacket from My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe Consignment Store, $25. Photo by Ashley May.

Find a fit that keeps you warm, but won’t erase your waistline.

A cozy coat is the staple of your winter wardrobe, so make sure you are in love with the look — from the cut to the buttons to the all-over color.

Here are a few tips:

Find a coat that flares and fits in the right places. Cuts that are snug in the torso and open at the waist are flattering and feminine.

Special details like a sleeve flare make the coat look less like a cozy cover-up and more like a chic layer to your outfit.

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Jacket from My Girlfriend’€™s Wardrobe Consignment Store, $35. Photo by Ashley May.

Choose coats with a cinched middle, or, if you want more of a cape look, pick one that is cropped.

For an edgier look, go biker with a leather motorcycle jacket. Make sure the jacket fits snug and has a signature detail you appreciate, like a front pocket or zipper fringe. Biker jackets don’t just look great with jeans, but also add personality to a short dress or flared skirt.

Look for a pop of detail that makes the coat interesting.



Vintage Motorcycle Jacket from Arthur & Daughters, $150. Photo by Ashley May.

 Photo by Ashley May.










Mossimo Knit Jacket from Target, $39.99 and Mossimo Supply Co. Neon Print Ruana, $24.99. Photo by Ashley May.

If you are looking for something more casual, find a machine-washable midweight jacket that feels like a sweatshirt but has a double-breasted button down front. It should be practical without compromising style.

We like the flared sleeves on the DM New York Jacket and the single shoulder patch on the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Jacket, both at My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe.

If you want something with a louder color, pick up the comfortable Mossimo Knit Jacket, which comes in a variety of hues at Target.

For a more glamorous look, try a faux or vintage fur like Arthur & Daughter’s blonde mink wrap above. Any way you wear it, make sure you find a coat that you feel confident in.

Go for a black and white houndstooth coat for a timeless look. Textile patterns work best in black, white, grey and brown for the winter season. Vibrant colors work best as solids, in the case of the Mossimo Knit Jacket, or accents to winter jackets. For an added accessory, don’t be afraid to grab a fedora or knit hat that works for you.

Ann Taylor Loft Jacket from My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe Consignment Store, $28. Photo by Ashley May.

Black never goes out of style. Our favorite looks include a trench that hits above the knee, a cape shape with a high-waisted belt and a fitted leather jacket. To create the illusion of a slimmer frame, add a chunky or ruffled scarf that will keep the focal point of the outfit at your shoulders instead of your stomach.

Models from left to right: Jess Reed, Michelle Mayer Haas and Amanda Lentz. Reed is wearing a Mossimo Supply Co. Belted Felt Fedora from Target, $19.99 and Jennifer Lopez Large Hood Shine Down from Kohl’s, $220. Haas is wearing a Ann Taylor Loft Jacket from My Girlfriend’€™s Wardrobe Consignment Store, $28. Lentz is wearing a Vintage Motorcycle Jacket from Arthur & Daughters, $150 and a Simply Vera Vera Wang Core Rushed Scarf from Kohl’s, $38. Photo by Ashley May.

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