The Christmas sweater: Can you find one that is not ugly?

Holiday sweaters don’t have to be ugly. Check out these Jewish-themed looks from; most sweaters cost about $60. (AP Photo/

Around the holidays, sweaters scare people.

Why? Because that thing your grandmother knitted isn’t pretty. While you are holiday shopping, you spot that person that’s wearing more sparkle than all the Christmas lights in your neighborhood. And let’s face it, some really unnecessary articles of clothing deck the malls.

But all holiday sweaters aren’t that bad — even some with a little flare.

We are here to reveal a few sweaters that work during all of your December festivities.

Samantha Dellinger: One of my favorite online clothing shopping sites is ModCloth. It’s know for vintage inspired clothing, but you can easily find signature pieces with a modern flair.

With that said, ModCloth has a wide selection of sweaters from whimsical to romantic. I tend to lean toward whimsical pieces because I’m a bit whimsical myself.

The “Can’t Catch Me Sweater” is a long red pull-over style sweater with a cute gingerbread man motif on the front. I like how long the sweater is and the gingerbread cartoon will brighten up anyone’s holiday wardrobe.

Retails for $89.99
100% acrylic
Machine washable

Ashley May: Warm sweaters in the winter make me happy. Maybe it’s because I have poor circulation, lived in Ithaca, N.Y., for four years or can’t go to sleep without three blankets; either way, I get excited when I find a beautifully designed pullover or cardigan.

But, when Urban Outfitters unleashes the Vintage Ugly Holiday Sweater, some people never want to think about festive sweaters again.

BUT WAIT! I found a beautiful Christmas sweater. I promise. It’s the Queen of Snowflakes Pullover at Free People. With rich blues and a pop of deep red, it gives a boring winter wardrobe just the right amount of vibrance. Its snowflake design says winter without a tacky 3D effect or unnecessary glitter. Plus, it’s perfect for the entire season — not just Christmas day.

Retails for $168
58 percent acrylic, 23 percent wool, 11 percent polyester, 5 percent alpaca
Machine wash cold

April Trotter: Our office is freezing, so I am all about combining warmth and style. Winter weather means sweaters that fit that bill to a T.

I raided the outlets’ pre-Black Friday sale and scored a few new knits just in time for the snow yesterday. But one sweater didn’t make it into my shopping cart. I’d love to find J.Crew’s Collection Cashmere Polka-Dot Sweater under the tree.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

I’ve wanted this sweater ever since I saw Zoey Deschanel wearing it on “New Girl” earlier this season.

It’s well-made, soft, has a button-closure detail at the back and comes in a variety of fun colors. The bright green is perfect for the holiday season without being too Christmassy. The only thing that’s not so great about it is the $268 price tag. Think Santa can find a knock-off version somewhere?

Retails for $268
Italian cashmere in a 12-gauge knit
Button at back neck
Bracelet sleeves
Rib trim at neck, cuffs and hem
Hand wash cold separately

About us:

Samantha Dellinger loves fashion because it’s how each person can express his or her individuality. She thinks the biggest fashion faux pas people make is wearing the same thing/style over and over again. Follow her @BlackCat911.

Ashley May is a Smart Magazine fashion writer and photographer. She has an eclectic wardrobe and loves mixing boutique-vintage with modern styles or experimenting with new color combinations. See more of Ashley’s fashion-forward tips on every Wednesday. Follow her on Twitter @AshleyMayTweets.

April Trotter is the editor of Smart. She owns way too many cardigans and ballet flats. She gravitates toward the color mustard whenever possible. Most of her wardrobe comes from TJ Maxx and outlet stores. She loves coupons for clothing discounts. Follow her on Twitter @AprilTrotter.

Ashley May

FlipSide editor. York County native. Fashion enthusiast. Social media junkie. I take my lattes with soy and whip. Follow me on Twitter @ashleymaytweets.

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