How often do you change your hairstyle?

Stylist MJ gives Myers Mentzer, 9, a haircut at JC Penny in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Brandon Wade/Invision for JC Penny/AP Images)

Sometimes life can get a little boring.

We begin to get caught up in the same style and look, but that can be spruced up by changing your hair.

There are some people who are constantly dying or cutting their hair.

Then, there are others who rarely change their style.

We asked Smart fashion bloggers: How often do you change your hairstyle? Why?

April Trotter

April Trotter: My hair is naturally straight and just can’t hold a curl. I wash, dry and straighten my hair with a Chi almost every day for work.

I try to give my tresses a break on the weekend and will wear my hair up or use dry shampoo.

I used to dye my hair much more frequently and drastically, but was worried about the damage I was doing to it so I returned to my roots.

It’s been long and blonde for almost two years now, and I go for regular trims and highlights every six to eight weeks to keep it looking fresh.

Ashley May

Ashley May: My hair has been permed, highlighted, lowlighted, colored with Elmo-red streaks, colored all over, cut A-symmetrical, grown out past my shoulders, cut above my chin and styled in some pretty funky ways. When it comes to hairstyle, I like change.

I ask my stylist for something different at least every three months; as a rule, most stylists encourage a trim every six to eight weeks to keep hair healthy. Sometimes that change means just getting my bangs cut differently, other times I want a completely new color and cut. I have fine hair and it looks best cut above the shoulders; so, I tend to ask for more multi-dimensional styles that add layers and volume. To me, changing my hairstyle is sort of like buying a new outfit — sometimes it’s just time for an updated look.

Also, a big reason why I’m OK with asking for a change so frequently is because I trust my stylist. She knows what I like. She knows my hair. She’s up-to-date; she attends classes around the country, learning new styling techniques and observing the latest trends. She would never over-color my hair. She would never rush a cut. Plus, her hair always looks incredible — and, she changes it all the time.

If you want to change your hairstyle but aren’t sure how, check out this how-to guide by Elle.

Natalie Schwind

Natalie Schwind: I don’t really change my hair too often. I used to get it cut drastically short every fall but that stopped when I decided I wanted really long hair.

It’s been two years since I’ve had a real hair cut, other than a trim. I have never dyed it; I like to keep the natural look. I’m afraid that coloring or any type of chemicals will change my hair in a bad way.

I do straighten it every now and again when I have time; it adds a certain shine and sleekness to it that I really like. Straightening it helps it look even longer. Although my hair is half way down my back and I do like it long, it may be time for a change, not a drastic one, but something slightly different to change things up.

Sam Dellinger

Samantha Dellinger: I get bored pretty quickly, so changing my hairstyle is pretty much a  given.

I’m in the process of growing out my bangs and the rest of my hair. I  have more versatility with having long hair when it comes to styling  it on a daily basis.

Overall, I have permed my hair, bleached it blonde, straightened, curled, worn it very short and long, streaked it with bright neon colors and hi-lighted it to name a few.

And since I have a slight punk-rock soul, I’ve been spiking my hair into a faux mohawk when I go out at night.

I also love wearing hair accessories, from girly bows to jeweled hair clips.

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