Rhoad to the Altar: Pick a seat, your assigned seat

My friend Elycia, who got married in September, had the great idea of writing her seating chart on window panes. They dressed it up with some white Christmas lights.

After finding an overall theme for our wedding decorations (we’re kind of using books as our base), we moved on to the seating chart.

At first, I was against telling our friends where to sit.

However, after going to a wedding where there wasn’t assigned seating, I changed my mind. There were about 10 of us who, unfortunately, didn’t get to the reception quickly enough for us to get a table that wasn’t already taken up by two or three people.

This caused us to have to pull up two chairs and squeeze in, so one or two people didn’t have to sit with complete strangers. From then on, I was all about a seating chart.

We searched Pinterest for some ideas, but my favorite actually came from one of my really good college friends who got married in September. She used old window panes and wrote the table names with their respective guests’ names on each pane.

Christian picked up 3 windows for $10 at York Refindings to use them for our seating chart.

Christian, being the wedding planning superstar that he is, found us some awesome old window at York Refindings for about $3.50 a piece. And they’re even sort of our wedding colors!

Instead of using panes, we are going to paint the glass with chalkboard paint and write out the seating chart with fun colors of chalk.

My friend used cities that meant something to her and her now husband as the table names, which I thought was rather endearing. Especially since I got sat at the Morgantown table (I lived in West Virginia for six years).

DIY fork placecard holders

After some experimenting, Christian found something on Pinterest about DIY vintage placeholders that uses a fork as a stand for the table number. You basically bend the tines to make the fork stand up, curl them up at the ends, so the number doesn’t slide off and then rest the number against the fork handle. We are thinking about using different shades of teal card stock — our wedding color — as the backdrop for our numbers. Each number will be a different font cut out of pages from a book. We did a trial run, and I think it ties everything together rather nicely.

Slowly but surely things are coming together. As an update, we’ve booked our venue,  photobooth, DJ, have talked to several caterers, and most exciting of all, I bought my dress last Sunday! I don’t want to post a picture of me in it for obvious reasons (hello, Christian), but here it is on Alfred Angelo’s website. It should be here by March!


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