Makeup tip: Do not make these mistakes when applying foundation

Use a flat makeup brush, instead of your fingers, to apply foundation evenly. Photo illustration — Ashley May

Foundation might seem simple, but is actually¬†one of the most difficult elements of makeup to master — mainly because it shouldn’t be noticed.

It needs to match and even your skin tone without feeling too heavy or aggravating your skin. Here’s how you make that happen:

1. Application. Don’t apply foundation with your fingers.¬†The oils and the pressure of your fingers make for for an uneven base. (Plus, touching your face this much daily often results in breakouts because of bacteria on your fingertips.) See what I mean by putting a little foundation on your finger and rubbing it on your mirror. The application will not be even. Try the same thing with a brush or sponge; your application should look more even. My personal preference is a brush (I use Clinique’s anti-bacterial flat foundation brush, $32.50).

2. Blending. Avoid the jawbone line — that apparent line where your makeup stops and your neck starts. First of all, you need to make sure that your makeup is the right shade. Don’t look to foundation to give you a summer glow; that’s what bronzer is for. Always get a makeup professional to color match your skin for foundation — choosing a drug store brand that you think might be right rarely works. Technically, your makeup should disappear when you rub it on your jawbone; but I know with changing seasons, sometimes it’s hard to keep up the exact shade. With that said, make sure you are blending your makeup beyond your jawbone and at least partially down your neck.

3. Finishing powder. After you’ve applied a base of foundation and blush and/or bronzer, blend with a finishing powder. Sometimes even with the proper brush or sponge, streaks are left behind. Also, blush and bronzer might appear too dark or bright. The powder will eliminate visible brush strokes from foundation and also help the pigmented color of your blush look more natural. I like bareMinerals Mineral Veil, $20. If you have deep lines or wrinkles, apply the finishing powder only from the cheeks to the jawbone, on the outer part of your face and down your neck. Sometimes powder sinks into wrinkles and makes lines more pronounced.


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