Of Pots and Pens: Cold winter night caramel corn

I got a huge craving for warm caramel corn the other night after work. I had been talking to Will earlier in the day about a farmer’s market in Lancaster County that sold fresh-from-the-melting-pot caramel corn.

As kids, we’d follow mom around the market, eating the warm treat from the sticky little bags. It was awesome. Except for mom, who often had to clean the caramel out of our hair, our clothes and whatever else we managed to touch.

Oh, well. Mess aside, caramel corn is wonderful. And if you need a homemade gift idea for family or co-workers, this is good for that, too.

To see the recipe and more photos visit Of Pots and Pens.

Rebecca Hanlon

Rebecca Hanlon is the health reporter with a religion sub beat at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Follow her on Twitter @mrsbeccahanlon or on Facebook at facebook.com/byrebeccahanlon.

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