York County Libraries volunteers help in unexpected ways

Kaltreider Benfer snowman craft

A teen volunteer cut out egg cartons so children could make snowman ornaments for the tree at Kaltreider-Benfer Library in Red Lion. (Submitted)

When I think about volunteering at the library, I think about circulation-focused jobs: Checking books in or out, reshelving or reorganizing books.

But according to Deb Sullivan, the community relations director for York County Libraries, volunteer duties run the gamut. In this month’s “On the Shelves” column, she writes:

“I had just arrived at Kaltreider-Benfer Library the other evening to browse its collection of books and magazines when I noticed the adorable snowman ornaments on the library tree.

Youth Services Coordinator Gina Meinl briefly introduced me to a teen volunteer who had cut quite a few egg cartons to the precise size needed for kids to craft them into the ornaments I saw on the tree. I say briefly, as the teen was already off and working on another task for the library as I was still admiring the uniqueness of each snowman. Some had earmuffs, jewelry, and even legs … too cute!”

Read the full story — including just how many hours volunteers actually donate in a given year — at Book Buzz, www.yorkblog.com/books.

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