Tips for walking in heels

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Even though I’m a natural clutz, I’ve somehow managed to walk in heels with no major incidents.

Well, OK, there was that one time… but I’ll save that for another blog post.

I’m 5’3″ so I pretty much live in heels to make myself taller.

My heel style ranges from chunky to wedges to platforms to skyscraper stilettos.

First, if the shoe doesn’t fit, then don’t even bother buying the pair. Thinking or wishing your way into a shoe will only leave your feet feeling miserable.

Next, walk around in them before you buy. It also helps to be wearing the proper hosiery — such as nylons or socks depending on the shoe your trying on.

When your walking around make several trips back and forth in the shoes and spin around in them. That’s right in the real world you’ll have to be able to walk not only in a straight path, but be able to turn corners and sometimes maneuver yourself rather quickly around obstacles.

One, of the problems some ladies encounter with a steep heel is that your feet tend to slide forwards. There are insoles you can use to help that. I’ve used the Foot Petals line of insoles.

If you are newbie when it comes to heels, choose a chunky heel or platform style first.

I also like heels that have rubber soles; it helps with traction. You can buy adhesive rubber soles for the bottoms. Scuffing bottoms of heels doesn’t do anything but ruin the bottom of the shoe.


• Walk in your heels around the house as much as you can before your big outing. This will help stretch the shoes out.

• Stand up straight. Having good posture will help you with balance.

• Put your weight toward the ball of your foot. Not your heel, you’ll end up having the heel kick out from under you if you do that.

• Practice walking on both hard and soft surfaces, placing one foot in front of the other.


• If you’re on a date or with your friends, lock arms with them for support on uneven surfaces.

• Use handrails when walking on stairs.

• Most importantly, remember good posture.

• Avoid wearing heels on shopping trips, too much walking in heels can cause injury.

• Pack a pair of foldable ballet flats like the ones by Dr. Scholl’s.

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