Makeover: Evening makeup tips for women over 40

Susan Rogh before and after a Carmina Cristina evening makeup makeover for Smart.

It’s the holiday season and you’ve convinced your husband to head to the “Nutcracker” tonight, you’re swapping gifts over drinks with co-workers Saturday and you are making a big family dinner for Christmas on Tuesday.

Somewhere between wrapping presents and heading to the grocery store, don’t forget to spend a little time on yourself.

Maybe that moisturizing lotion and mascara just isn’t cutting it and you need to find products that give your skin a little more vibrance. Maybe you’ve been wearing the same eyeshadow since last Christmas. Maybe you just have no idea how to apply makeup at all.

Either way, it’s time to do your makeup right this year — before the Christmas photos.

Swap out that cakey foundation for a light tinted primer with better coverage. Erase dark circles with the right concealer. Try a smokey eye and a little blush. Aren’t sure how to make that work?

Don’t worry, Harrisburg-based makeup artist Carmina Cristina has you covered. Cristina used Susan Rugh, 43, of Dover as a model for this holiday look.

Watch the step-by-step video below to learn the techniques.

Ashley May

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