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Winter’s dry air has left my skin a little parched this year. The long, hot showers I take to warm up each day certainly don’t help my situation. In an effort to find an easier way to restore moisture to my skin, I decided to buy a bottle of Avene Body Oil from Birchbox.

A 200 ml bottle costs $20, but I had a discount after receiving a duplicate item in one of my monthly Birchbox samples, so making the purchase (and a few others) was easy. I’m a sucker for these kind of products.

I rubbed the oil on my damp skin after showering. The pump dispenser made it easy to apply the right amount in my hand. I’ve used other oils that just dump out the top and leave a greasy mess. The smell, while minimal, is pleasant. It’s kind of woodsy and warm.

After patting my skin dry with a clean towel, it felt soft, but clean. There was no greasy residue, as I’ve felt when using over the counter products or even baby oil to try to moisturize.

Overall, my skin has felt softer and smoother since using the oil. I use it about two to three times a week, alternating with a body lotion, such as Aveeno.

Have you ever used a body oil? What do you like or dislike about this kind of product?

Rebecca Hanlon

Rebecca Hanlon is the health reporter with a religion sub beat at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Follow her on Twitter @mrsbeccahanlon or on Facebook at

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