Of Pots and Pens: Glazed london broil with herbed butter

Photo by Rebecca LeFever and ofpotsandpens.com.

Mmm. Beef.

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing super high meat prices, but whoa. We might have to just eat peanuts if we want to get any protein because the prices are ridiculous.

I passed up on $5.99 a pound pork chops earlier this week to snag some BOGO top round London broil. At about two pounds each, I paid $13 for two huge pieces of beef. And my fiance, Will, and I both agreed that beef trumps pork.

So I got this beef home and was looking it over thinking, I’ve never made London broil in my life.

Beef is sometimes scary.

I’m worried about overcooking it. A tough piece of beef is a wasted piece of beef and I have had my share of wasted beef. It’s a tragedy, really.

While Will was out to a goodbye luncheon for a co-worker, I prepared myself for the beef.

And I think I showed it who the real boss in this kitchen is.

For more photos and the recipe visit Of Pots and Pens.

Rebecca Hanlon

Rebecca Hanlon is the health reporter with a religion sub beat at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Follow her on Twitter @mrsbeccahanlon or on Facebook at facebook.com/byrebeccahanlon.

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