5 Simple Ways: To cut out holiday cookies, candy, desserts

It’s hard to resist indulging in holiday treats when they’re in your face. If you’ve had enough, follow these tips to get back on a healthier track. Photo by York Daily Record/Sunday News — Jason Plotkin

Are you tired of those holiday cookies staring at you in the face, tempting you to have another bite of chocolatey-sugary goodness?

I am. I’ve indulged — usually in moderation — many times since Thanksgiving. Although I enjoy candy and dessert, I usually have had just about enough a week after Christmas, when I find myself eating junk just because it’s there. It’s time — my teeth can’t take much more sugar, and I don’t want to start off the new year feeling lethargic.

I proclaimed yesterday No Sweets Day, which meant I couldn’t have even a bite of a chocolate chip cookie or York Peppermint Patti. I find that one bite sometimes leads to another, and I just wanted to detox a little.

Many people struggle with cravings and temptations when trying to eat healthier. Unfortunately, more than a month of decadent foods makes that mission a lot more difficult.

Here are some tips for how to cut out the holiday junk when you feel you’ve had enough.

1. Out of sight, out of mind. Gather any foods that are high in fat and/or sugar, and place them in a more inconspicuous place. After returning from holiday travels, I had candy and cookies scattered in various places throughout my apartment. My boyfriend took all of the sweets and put them in a basket on top of our refrigerator behind a bag of potatoes. When the candy was more visible, I thought about eating it more often.

2. Save it for later.
If you can’t bear to let that nut roll go stale, freeze it and save it for a mid-winter gathering, rather than eat it every day for breakfast. For candy, box most of it, and use it for Halloween.

3. Still partying? If you have more holiday visits and parties to attend, opt to bring a healthy treat to balance out the appetizer or dessert table. Filling up on fruit and veggies will help you avoid some of the less healthy treats. Also, choose the healthiest foods available on the buffet table.

4. Get your fitness back.
It’s hard to exercise regularly during a busy holiday schedule. Get back on the horse — or elliptical — as soon as you can. Exercise can improve your mood, boost your energy and make you feel good, which could in turn, help you make better food choices.

5. Share with friends.
Although I feel a little guilty about putting my unwanted treats on the communal snack table at work, it’s an option.

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