Rhoad to the Altar: Getting fit for the big day

I’ve decided it’s time to get on the 2013 wedding weightloss train by eating better, going back to Weight Watcher meetings, working our regularly and making healthier choices.
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One of the best ways to commit to a goal is to write it down and tell people about it. This blog post is an extremely personal one because my goal is lose weight. Or get on the wedding weightloss train, as I like to call it.

About five years ago, I was fed up with how I felt and looked and decided to start doing Weight Watchers. My mom has done it and lost at least 70 pounds.

One day, we were shopping, and it was just one of those “This really sucks, and I need to do something about it” moments. She had been doing WW for about two years and had tried to talk me into it, but, unfortunately, weightloss isn’t something you can talk someone else into. You have to want it. You have to hit your rock bottom. You have to finally say, “Enough. I hate how I feel. No one’s going to do it for me.”

She was trying something on, and I just thought, “God, she looks so good.” And that was it. The next week, I went to my first meeting and lost about 30 pounds over the next year. That’s kind of where I got stuck.

Since 2007, I had been able to keep that 30 off, but I hadn’t really lost anymore. The perfect opportunity — my wedding. Unfortunately, since becoming engaged, I’ve gained about 10 of that 30 back. Not the direction I intended to go.

So today, right here, right now, I’m writing my goal down and I’m telling someone. All of you. I want to lose no less that 20 pounds by my wedding — that’s the 10 I gained, plus some to feel better.

I know almost everyone has been at that place where they’ve just had enough. I’m there … again. And what better time than the start of a new year? I have some guacamole left, but other than that, my house is finally empty of fudge, cookies and chips and other holiday indulgences.

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Starting now, I will fill my kitchen with things that get me closer to my goal: fruits and veggies, chicken, salmon, Special K crackers (my snacking go-to), salad, apples, low-fat string cheese and Greek yogurt. I’m also going back to my Weight Watcher meetings. During the holidays, I took on more hours at my second job at Yankee Candle, and I used that as an excuse not to go. And that gave me an excuse not to be accountable.

I started with a trip to the gym last night after work. I’ve tracked what I’ve eaten all day. And tomorrow, I’m heading to the store. Another goal is to make dinner for myself at least three nights a week. I work nights, so it’s really hard to make dinner at noon and then reheat it at 7 or 8 p.m. Going out and grabbing something is much easier and much more appealing  but much harder to keep track of. When I know what goes into my food, I know what goes into my body.

Need some inspiration to hit the gym? This recent Yahoo article offered 11 more reasons to get me moving:

1. Increased productivity/better focus at work.
2. Increased learning and retention.
3. Relieves stiff, achy joints.
4. Better body image.
5. Less likely to suffer from gum disease.
6. Increased energy.
7. Stops stress-related belly gain.
8. Boosts your immune system.
9. Cuts your risk of age-related macular degeneration.
10. Get better sleep.
11. Prevents diabetes by keeping blood sugar in check.

If I did yoga every day of life, I probably wouldn’t be able to do this.
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I find that I do best when I vary my workouts. I don’t get bored, and my body doesn’t have time to get used to doing the same thing. I trade off between the 30 minute cardio circuit at Planet Fitness, which alternates cardio and strength training; the two different elliptical machines and interval training on the stationary bike. I also love working out on my pilates ball at home (where no one can see me when I fall off) and pulling out my old Billy Blanks Tae Bo tape from high  school circa 1998.

This post doesn’t really contain any helpful wedding planning hints or secrets, but I’m sure it’s something many brides face. Everyone is going to be looking at you, and you don’t want dislike how you feel on the biggest day of your life.

As inspiration, I have a pair of pants that fit three or so years ago that don’t fit anymore. They are going to sit in a place where I can see them every day, and they will sit there until I can fit into them again.

When facing cravings for something, I always ask myself if I’m hungry or if it’s just a fleeting moment. If I want to eat just about anything, then I’m usually hungry. If nothing else sounds appetizing, it’s usually just a craving and unneeded calories I’d be consuming. I’ll also put a craving off for a few days. If I still really want that peanut butter and chocolate ice cream three days later, I’ll give in a little bit.

I also ask myself if it’s worth it. Is that cookie worth undoing 40 minutes at the gym? Is it worth making it harder to walk up the stairs? Is it worth those sacrificing compliments you get on your awesome, new, size-smaller jeans? Usually, the answer is no. Thinking of the 30 seconds of sheer joy I get from a cupcake is not worth adding the weight that will take weeks to shed.

For the next 10 months, I’ll periodically update you on my progress and probably some pitfalls, but here’s to a happy, healthy new year!

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