“Knit Your Own Zombie” for undead knitters everywhere

Zombies have been a fascination in pop culture for some time now, from harrowing manifestations in TV show and comic book series “The Walking Dead” and upcoming film “World War Z,” to heartwarming (have you seen the trailer for “Warm Bodies?”).

If you’re a knitter, now you can create an adorable zombie with the “Knit Your Own Zombie” craft book by Fiona Goble. If you’re a reasonably accomplished knitter, you, too, can knit tiny zombie parts and Velcro them together to create an undead craft of your own.

The slim volume includes instructions on how to knit zombie body parts, with raggedy clothes to fit them. You can knit zombies of all professions: cops, stage performers, chefs, etc. There are even instructions for Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster!

While the book includes instructions for basic knit and purl stitches, as well as instructions for increasing and decreasing stitch counts, the projects are definitely not for beginners. You almost have to be a bit of a renaissance crafter and know a few embroidery stitches in order to make your zombie look just right. The projects take small amounts of DK-weight yarn and size US 2 or 3 needles, which produce pretty small stitches. If you know how to knit socks or mittens on double-pointed or long circular needles, you’re ready to knit some zombie parts.

The book provides decent instructions, but also leaves room for creativity. Make different pieces. Put Dracula in a dress. Go crazy. Make a zombie for everyone, dead and undead, in your life.

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