Calling all football fans: Share your Super Bowl stories

Gary Lytle embraces Leisl Staub after the Steelers secure their sixth Super Bowl win at Scozzaro’s in New Oxford (file photo).

As the holiday season comes to an end, one event still remains that brings people together with three of America’s favorite pastimes: food, football and competition.

On Feb. 3, the two best teams in the NFL will face off in the Super Bowl to name the ultimate champion of the 2012-2013 season.

What do you and your friends do for the Super Bowl? What will you be doing this year? What are some must-have foods at a Super Bowl party? What team(s) are you rooting for? Will you watch even if your team doesn’t make it?

Also, on a non-Super Bowl related note, what is your favorite team in the NFL? Are you a hard-core football fan? How so? Do you have any strange team-related products?

Please submit your responses to Natalie at or call 717-771-2038.

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