PRIMP Agency headed to Ambassadors’ Inaugural Ball

PRIMP-agencySha’ Summerlin, owner of PRIMP Agency in York, is headed to Washington.

She and two artists from her company will be in charge of hair and makeup for a public relations firm at the 2013 Ambassadors’ Inaugural Ball Jan. 21 in D.C.

Through a friendship with York native Ernest Jackson of MNS Media, Summerlin connected with a firm in charge of public relations for the 2013 Ambassadors’ Inaugural Ball. That connection turned into an opportunity to “primp” — provide hair and makeup services — for the firm’s female employees. In return for their services, Summerlin and her team members will attend the ball.

The black-tie affair is in its first year. Representatives from nearly 200 nations will be on hand to commemorate the re-election President Barack Obama, according to a release. For details on the event, visit its website.

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