Daytime makeup looks get amped up for the evening

Makeup artist Susan Taylor intensifies Abigail Helf Fahringer’s look by creating a smoky eye using an angled brush. Photos by Ashley May

Do you use pencil eyeliner? Can’t master a smoky eye? Don’t know how to color match your foundation? You might need to change your makeup routine.

Master flawless day and intense evening looks with industry secrets from Shortino’s Salon and Spa makeup artist Susan Taylor.

She tells all about how to make your eyes look bigger, skin smoother and lips plumper — without caking on too many products.

Don’t be afraid of a little shimmer eye shadow and glossy lips for the office, but save dramatic eyes for the evening.

“Makeup shouldn’t cover up, it should enhance your natural beauty,” Taylor said.

Daytime color

Bobbi Buchmyer’s day look is still about having fun, but with less-intense colors.

For the eyes, Taylor applied a matte neutral shadow from the lashline to brow. Then she added a darker eggplant shadow along the lashline. For flawless-looking skin, Taylor used a liquid foundation, which she applied with a flat foundation brush.

Products by Glo-minerals: On eyes, gloEye shadow in Mulberry and gloCream eyeliner in Eggplant; on cheeks, gloBlush in Begonia; on lips, gloUp stick in Bordeaux and lipgloss in Brown Sugar.

Daytime shimmer

Abigail Helf Fahringer’s daytime look includes a shimmery gold-toned eyeshadow accompanied by natural glossy lips. Taylor suggests instead of throwing away unflattering gloss or lipstick shade, try mixing them to create a shade you like.

To create Fahringer’s curled tresses, Shortino’s Salon and Spa stylist Frank Michael first used a light-hold hairspray and misted a 1-inch section and then wrapped it using a 1½-inch barrel curling iron. He then pinned each curl in place and let her hair cool down.

Next, gently removing the pins, he used his hands to shape and style for the final finished look.

Products by Glo-minerals: On face, gloProtective liquid foundation in Natural-fair; on eyes, gloEye shadow trio in Sandstone; on cheeks, gloBlush in Begonia; on lips, gloUp stick in Natural.

A pop of color

Buchmyer captivates us with an evening look that is all about pops of color, which compliment darker skin tones.

This look was created from Buchmyer’s daytime look simply by darkening colors and thickening the eyeliner. When creating evening looks using an eyeliner brush dipped in eyeliner gel instead of a standard eyeliner pencil.

Products by Glo-minerals: On eyes, gloShimmer Brick in Luster and gloCream eyeliner in Eggplant; on cheeks, gloBlush in Begonia; on lips, gloUp stick in Bordeaux and lipgloss in Brown Sugar.

A smoky siren

Fahringer is stunning in an evening look. Taylor emphasized the model’s eyes by creating a smoky look. Adding an extra dose of mascara to the outer lashes helps balance out the weight of the heavier shadow.

Taylor said a smoky eye doesn’t have to be limited to blacks and grays. She said many women get stuck in makeup ruts, but they can spice things up by changing colors used for everyday wear or branching out with something completely different for a night on the town.

She suggests watching makeup tutorials online to help you get started.

Just a hint of blush and a natural lip close keeps the focus on the eyes.

Products by Glo-minerals: On eyes, Allow Eyes Collection palette; on cheeks, gloBlush in Rosebud; on lips, lipglosses in Rose and Nude.

Smart tips

  1. Clean makeup brushes using a mild shampoo, such as Neutrogena.
  2. Throw out brushes when you notice the bristles starting to fall out.
  3. Add an extra coat of mascara to outer lashes for some more drama.
  4. Exfoliate once a day to help banish dry patches. Chemical exfoliants are less harsh than a physical scrub.
  5. Avoid covering your entire face with foundation. Most women are fine with just applying foundation to the sides of nose and tops of cheeks.
  6. Use a primer to help smooth your skin before applying foundation.

— Source: Susan Taylor, Shortino’s Salon and Spa

About the stylists

Susan Taylor, Makeup artist

Susan began her career in 1999 and feels very privileged to be a part of such a great industry. She believes that there is nothing more rewarding than making people look and feel amazing. When not in the salon, Susan enjoys volunteering her makeup artistry and hairstyling skills for independent films and theatrical performances.

Frank Michael Shortino, Hair stylist

A third-generation hairdresser from York, he began working in his parents’ salon, Shortino’s Salon & Spa, as a teen in the early 1990s. He lived in New York City for five years working at the John Dellaria Salon. His work has been seen in Vogue, Harpers, Self, Lucky and Modern Salon.

Shortino’s Salon & Spa

3429 E. Market St., Springettsbury Township
Hours: Noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday; 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday; 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday
Contact: 717-757-3969 or visit

About the models

Bobbi Buchmyer
Age: 33
Township you live in: West Manchester Township
Family: Chad (husband); daughters Kennedi (6) and Quinn (8 months)
What is your morning makeup routine? I cleanse, moisturize, airbrush on my makeup, use a Lancome finishing powder and apply eye shadow and mascara.
What is one product you couldn’t live without? Temptu Airbrush machine

Abigail Helf Fahringer
Age: 25
Township you live in: Dover
Family: Dan (husband)
What is your morning makeup routine? I splash my face with warm water, apply Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer, shape and fill my eyebrows and apply Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eyeliner to my eyes in color zero. I use Exuviance Coverblend Concealer to hide blemishes and under-eye circles, use a light bronzer on my cheekbones and temples and use a neutral eye color palette on my eyes. Then, I curl my eyelashes, apply mascara, apply Ulta lip gloss in barely nude and, finally, apply Urban Decay Finishing Spray.
What is one product you couldn’t live without? Exuviance Coverblend Concealer

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