Putting my best face forward — and when less is more

Recently, I was watching the “Today Show,” and there was a segment about a woman who went without makeup for a year.

Phoebe Baker Hyde, author of “The Beauty Experiment,” said she felt more beautiful after her yearlong fresh-faced stint.

I’m not against going all-natural. I know plenty of women who forgo makeup and still look great.

But I love putting on makeup.

I feel beautiful when I get all dolled up. For me, it’s fun to change my look with a sweep of eye shadow or a switch from glossy to a matte lips.

Hyde said the average woman spends thousands of dollars each year on beauty and salon services.

That’s a lot of money wasted on lipstick. Maybe it’s time to think about whether less really is more. Maybe not less blush or bronzer — but less money spent on the products in our makeup bag and on our bathroom counter.

I admit I splurged on brands like Shiseido and Lancóme in my younger days. But the less-expensive cosmetic lines like L’Oreal, Covergirl and my personal favorite, E.L.F., work just as well.

For the naysayers out there, know that L’Oreal owns several high-end cosmetic lines including Lancóme, YSL Beauté and Shu Uemura, so they must be doing something right with their drugstore-brand foundations.

I also never buy makeup, skincare or hair products at full price. I wait for sales, cut coupons and combine the two whenever possible.

My latest steal was L’Oreal’s new Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm Multi-Restorative Dry Oil. The store had the products on sale for $2.99 and I had two coupons for $2 off. I scored each bottle for $1 when they usually retail for $7 a piece.

I’m also signed up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider and belong to Ulta’s rewards program, which both get me more coupons and free products. 
Hyde also said ladies spend about 160 hours every year in front of the mirror primping. No one should be in front of a mirror for more than an hour — unless you’re a Kardashian.

I have my 8-year-old son, Vincent, to help get ready in the mornings. If I’m lucky, I have 15 minutes in front of the mirror each day to do my makeup and hair.

If you’re finding that you’re a Hyde statistic, it might be time to re-examine your routine.

Chances are, you’re putting on a bit too much war paint in the morning.

And I bet you can feel beautiful with a little less.

Samantha K. Dellinger is a multiplatform journalist for the York Daily Record/Sunday News and the designer for Smart magazine. You can reach her at 717-771-2096 or sdellinger@ydr.com.

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