Make a shabby chic rag wreath for Valentine’s Day

Photo by Jason Plotkin

My apartment building could use a woman’s touch.

The outside doors are all the same color, which matches the shutters that surround the three windows for each of the unit’s living rooms.

Last fall, I decided to pick up a cheap wreath to spruce up our stoop. The trend continued when I slapped some fake pine and a red bow on the door this winter. But now that we’re into the dull days of January, my door could use a little TLC.

I saw this a wreath project on Pinterest a few weeks back and decided to try my hand at a little DIY just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Follow these easy steps to create your own wreath.


Wire hanger
Electrical tape
Rotary cutter
Self-healing mat
Fabric scraps
Pipe cleaner
Wreath hook


Use your pliers to shape your wire hanger into a 12-inch round circle and secure the ends with electrical tape. Set wire wreath form to the side.

Cut your fabric scraps into 1-inch by 6-inch strips. I used five 16-inch by 24-inch squares of fabric that I picked up at ACMoore for $1 each. You can use any fabric you have around the house that’s left over from quilting or other craft projects. You will need between 150 and 300 strips of fabric to complete your wreath, depending how full you would like it to be.

You are going to want to use a variety of colors and patterns in your wreath. Since I was creating mine for Valentine’s Day, I chose reds, whites and pinks.

You could use several shades of green for St. Patrick’s Day, pastels for Easter or make a wreath to support your favorite Super Bowl or college basketball team.

You’re going to want to set aside at least an hour to tie your strips onto the wire wreath form.

Secure each strip with a double knot, alternating colors and patterns as you go. Push the knots close together to make the wreath as full as possible.

When you’ve completed your wreath, you can attach a bow with a pipe cleaner for an extra bit of flair. A looped ribbon will hang your wreath from a hook attached to your door.

For more tips on making your own shabby chic rag wreath, watch the video below:

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