‘Writing Race’ mobile app would turn writing into a game

Stage of Life / Writing Race

(Graphic courtesy of Stage of Life)

Do you ever find yourself fighting your kids over homework? I can remember consistently procrastinating on big projects — especially essays. Writing was a chore.

Dallastown resident Eric Thiegs and his wife, Rebecca (an English teacher at Red Lion Area Senior High School for more than a decade), have seen the rise among students in texting and the decreased emphasis on proper grammar, spelling and complete sentences.

“Kids are embracing technology they carry around in their pockets, and abandoning real writing,” said Eric, 40.

Their shared desire to inspire enthusiasm for writing led them to Stage of Life, an online journal and blogging community they created with family members in 2009. This year, Eric is back at the drawing board to develop a mobile app called Writing Race, which would allow two friends to collaborate on writing a story much like “Words With Friends” allows interactive gaming.

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