How I Pinch a Penny: Top Pinterest picks
for Valentine’s Day

I am in love with Pinterest. I have not met a woman — and in some cases, a man — who has not had the same sentiment.

It is a wonderland of information, images, recipes, DIY and silliness. I have wasted spent so much time over at Pinterest it is not even funny. I used to waste spend time on Facebook or Google, but no more! Pinterest is my new BFF.

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest crafts and treats for Valentine’s Day:

  • I love this simple decoration.  Construction paper, string, yarn or ribbon, a bit of tape and you are set to go. I can see this on a door or strung across a mantle. The colors are scattered on the string in this photo but I think it would also look nice with each string holding the same color heart.
  • I think this is a GREAT personal valentine that is so sweet to make. Cut out hand prints, add some ribbon and tuck them in an envelope. Send a hug as a valentine!
  • Valentine’s Day often means chocolate. I think this valentine conversation heart bark would be great using dark chocolate. Or try it swirling several different types of chocolate.Yum! It looks like this one can’t be messed up. If it doesn’t look right just break it up and it will be perfect!
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