Rhoad to the Altar: Groundhog-themed wedding?

Party-crashing groundhog, played by Jimmy Corbett of Stroudsburg, is escorted out of the wedding reception of Melissa Morton and Steve Miller at Fernwood Hotel and Resort in Shoemakers on Saturday, Feb. 2. The wedding had a groundhog theme because of its timing with Groundhog’s Day.
Photo by Keith R. Stevenson/Pocono Record

Melissa Morton and Steve Miller of Tannersville wanted a wedding no one would ever forget. That included having guests shake hands with a 6-foot-tall groundhog after the two were married, when one of the groom’s friends dressed up in a costume he got off eBay.

The couple had a Groundhog Day-themed wedding. I guess that’s how they roll here in Pennsylvania.

I can’t say that I’m going to involve any woodland creatures (purposely) in my day of joy; however, I would be willing to bet a LOT of money that more than one of my friends would have jumped at the chance to involve Brutus the Buckeye in their big day. (That’s Ohio State’s mascot for all you non-buckeyes.)

The centerpieces were on the money with all groundhog predictions … depending on which side you sat on during the Morton-Miller wedding on Feb. at Ferwoon Hotel and Resort in Shoemakers.
Photo by Keith R. Stevenson/Pocono Record

According to the Pocono Record article:

“Table centerpieces were double-sided cardboard cutouts of a groundhog. On one side of the cutout, the words ‘six more weeks of winter’ were written above the groundhog. On the other side, the words ‘Welcome spring’ were written above the marmot.

Check out a photo gallery from the wedding

“Groundhog chocolates were given out and a groundhog decorated the base of the wedding cake. Some young women wore brown — the official color of groundhog. There was even a groundhog piñata.

A groundhog pinata awaits a shattering strike during the Morton-Miller wedding on Saturday, February, 2, 2013 at Ferwoon Hotel and Resort in Shoemakers.
Photo by Keith R. Stevenson/Pocono Record

“But the biggest groundhog-themed surprise was when (Jimmy) Corbett, in the full-sized groundhog costume, was charged with running into the reception to steal the wedding cake off a table. After all, groundhogs are known for raiding people’s vegetable gardens.”

It’s a cute idea, and after living here for three years, I see how dedicated people from Pa. are to  Groundhog’s Day (that’s not a bad thing, the creatures are pretty darn cute!). The couple even entered their reception to “I Got You, Babe,” the Sonny and Cher theme-song from the move “Groundhog Day” (also a great movie).

Read the full story here.

I guess you can say we’re kind of having books as an overlaying theme to our decorations. Our centerpieces are going to made from books, and I absolutely love these flowers made out of book pages. But beyond that, it won’t be super obvious. We’re also incorporating a vintage, repurposed feel into our decorations. Check out our ideas on our Pinterest page.

TLC named their “10 great wedding themes,” which include extreme weddings — think hiking Mount Everest to say “I do” — and macabre weddings — exchanging your vows amid bejeweled skulls or carved pumpkins.

The Knot also offered up some offbeat wedding themes: an ’80s wedding and a culinary wedding, and some not-so-off-beat wedding themes: outdoor, rustic, vintage, seasonal, vineyard.

What do you think about themed weddings? Cute or over the top?

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  1. Chopper Morton says:

    It’s difficult to find something “original” and unique in this day and age and the “Ground Hog Day Theme Wedding” certainly qualifies because it shows confidence in a couples love. By not focusing on the serious side of holy matrinomony, Melissa and Steven decided to include something humorous and this is a good thing. The world needs more to smile about and I say groundhog Day is a great Pennsylvania tradition!
    David “Chopper” Morton…in Taiwan

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