Springettsbury Twp. author Megan Erickson debuts with ‘Anchor Me’

Megan Erickson

Springettsbury Township author Megan Erickson released her debut novel, ‘Anchor Me,’ Jan. 2. (Submitted photo)

Megan Erickson relied on neighborhood strolls to get her ideas flowing for her first novel. As she pushed her 2-year-old son in his stroller last spring, the Springettsbury Township author would form a scene in her head.

“I rarely sit down and just think, ‘I need to write out this scene,’” Erickson, 29, said. “(The characters) literally just talk in my head, and I try to write it.”

That’s how she wrote the opening scene for “Anchor Me,” released Jan. 2. The novel follows a young woman named Jillian, who owns an aquatics store. Adrift after her brother’s death and betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, Jillian finds out both men had been lying to her.

“I sat down and I wrote it, and it was almost like I couldn’t do anything else,” Erickson said. “Everything in my head, I had to get it down.”

Read more on Erickson and her novel at Book Buzz, www.yorkblog.com/books.

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