Comment with your favorite local wine to win tickets
to the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail’s Tour de Tanks

Seven Valleys Vineyard & Winery is one of the stops on the Tour de Tanks this year (submitted photo).

It’s time to tour the tanks.

“The Mason-Dixon Wine Trail is a year-round destination and events like Tour de Tanks are the perfect way to get visitors to come explore all our region has to offer,” said Anne Druck, president of the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau, in a release.

In its eighth year, the event kicks off Saturday and runs weekends through March 30, offering visitors the chance to taste the latest wines right out of the barrels.

New participants for this year include The Vineyard at Grandview, High Rock Winery and Old Republic Distillery. The full list of 26 participating wineries is available on the event website.

“Many of our hotels and bed and breakfasts are offering special packages for wine enthusiasts, so visitors can take their time exploring the Trail, as well as visiting other local attractions,” Druck added in the release.

Tickets, which are good for all five weekends of Tour de Tanks, are available online or at participating wineries for $25 each and include a souvenir wine glass and 10 percent discount at the wineries.

For more information, visit the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Smart giveaway

Comment below with your favorite wine from participating wineries by noon March 1. Two winners will be drawn at random from all the entries received, and announced on the Smart Facebook page. Each winner will receive two Tour de Tanks tickets, a prize valued at $50.

Susquehanna Ale Trail and Mason-Dixon Wine Trail map

Several breweries and wineries have been added to the Susquehanna Ale Trail and the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail in the past year.

The two trails were created by the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau to promote the regional businesses.

Check out our updated Google map of the locations below.

View Susquehanna Ale Trail & Mason-Dixon Wine Trail in a larger map

April Trotter

Editor of Smart. NEPA transplant. Penn State and Shippensburg grad. Kickball and craft beer enthusiast. Collector of cardigans. "Bennie and the Jets" fanatic. Contact me at, at "Smart magazine" on Facebook, @SmartMagPA on Twitter or by phone at 717-771-2030.

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107 Responses

  1. Meg Feeser says:

    Four Springs’ Dry Riesling!

  2. melissa says:

    Allegro- Harmony

  3. Rebecca Hornberger says:

    Allegro’s Claret :-)

  4. Jenny Davidson says:

    Legends – Vidal Blanc & Harfords – Peach Kissed

  5. Staci W. says:

    Allegro – Harmony

  6. Kelsey Rada says:

    Peach kissed from harford vineyard!

  7. Stefanie Eckhart says:

    Hummingbird Ridge – Celebration or their Reisling.

  8. Lynn Bernhard says:

    Favorite is Blackberry Portrait from The Vineyard at Hershey.

  9. Deborah Sanders says:

    Allegro Harmony

  10. James Sanders says:

    Red Raspberry The Vineyard at Hershey

  11. michele eyler says:

    REBEL RED Adams Co Winery

  12. Christine Rogers says:

    I don’t know any PA wines! I saw the info about the Mason Dixon Wine Trail in my AAAworld mag. I posted it on my facebook and all my friends are interested. We’re working on getting a group together for a “Road Trip”!

  13. Erin in PA says:

    Naughty Marietta or Rhapsody in Blue – both from Nissley! Love PA Wines!!

  14. Jessica says:

    Hummingbird ridge- ruby red elixir

  15. Fran says:

    Rose of Pinot Noir from The Vineyard at Grandview!

  16. Jessica Morgan says:

    The Duke red wine by Royal Rabbit Vineyards

  17. Caroll Hershey says:

    Adams County Winery…”Tears of Gettysburg”

  18. Jerry Hershey says:

    Allegro…Harmony & Suite

  19. Diane says:

    Nissley Rhapsody in Blue

  20. Charlene says:

    Love the views, Cab, and conversation at the Vineyard at Grandview!

  21. Brenda Brown says:

    I love Niagara by Naylor Wines!!

  22. Trisha says:


  23. Starlett says:

    I have several favs from each of my favorite wineries – Cullari has the best red – Red reserve 3, while Boordy has the best Chardonnay, and Moondancer is the Murphy’s Blueberry, and my list can go on and on!!! (4th year doing the trail and wouldn’t miss it !)

  24. Melissa Jacoby says:

    Hauser Estates—Chardonnay

  25. Jessica says:

    Tried the Vineyard at Hershey’s new Sparkling Moscato last weekend, and like all of their wines, it was a home run! I cannot wait to see how they pair it with food for MDWT!

  26. Karen says:

    Allegro – Harmony

  27. Chris says:

    Adams County Winery…Tears of Gettysburg

  28. Billy says:

    Rebel Red-Adams County Winery

  29. Michelle says:

    Vineyard at Hershey’s Twisted Kiss!!!!

  30. Denise Yoder says:

    Sapphire White @ the Vineyard at Grandview!

  31. Connie Beck says:

    Sapphire White by The Vineyard at Grandview…..SUPER!!

  32. Kelly Stezar says:

    Crimson quartette-vineyard at grandview

  33. Kalyn K. says:

    Cassel Vineyards in Hummelstown, PA! They are fairly new and their wine is better than most in the area! Yum!

  34. Sara Heinse says:

    I cannot wait to tour the Pennsylvania section of the Trail! Especially, Cullari, Vineyard at Hershey, Hummingbird, and Buddy Boy! 4 great wineries. Favorite wine though is Vineyard at Hershey’s Blackberry Port! WONDERFULNESS in a bottle!

  35. Sandy Folkenroth says:

    I love the Punk and Harmony from Allego Winery

  36. Jon Briddle says:

    Hershey Vineyard’s Dry Riesling. Really enjoy Armstrong Valley’s Cab Franc 2nd.

  37. Cambria Olsen says:

    Adams County Winery’s Tears of Gettysburg

  38. Sarah says:

    Allegro’s Jazz…with a little dark chocolate to make flavors appear from the heavens!

  39. Kristin says:

    Adam’s County Winery – Rebel Red!!

  40. Tina says:

    Adams County Winery – Scrapple – LOVE this warmed!

  41. Amanda McCaffery says:

    Adams County – Stray Cat Strut

  42. Krystal Ostrom says:

    Naylor’s Pink Flamingo!!!!

  43. Julia K says:

    Adams County Winery, Three Ships to the Wind or Black Magic

  44. Melissa says:

    Adams County Winery’s Rusty’s Red…yummmo!

  45. Kathy Robinette says:

    Adams County Winery’s -Scrapple Wine – mulled!

  46. Stephanie Hartlaub says:

    Naylor’s Catabwa or Niagra & Moondancer’s Cisco’s Peach!

  47. Christine Wilkinson says:

    Rebel Red! We were up to the Winery on Saturday and had a wonderful time!

  48. Chelle says:

    Adams Co. Winery President’s Choice

  49. Tara Kibler says:

    ACW Rebel Red

  50. Sharon Curtis says:

    Adams County Winery: Tears of Gettysburg, Rusty’s Red, President’s choice.

  51. Linda Gawthrop says:

    Adams County Winery – ”Tears of Gettysburg”

  52. Paula says:

    Naylors Bubbles Galore Niagara

  53. Yvonne Proper-Moonan says:

    Reid’s Orchard and Winery… Pino or Muskets of Maine. Awesome wine, Awesome people, Awesome location… did I mention Awesome?

  54. katie grimes says:

    moon dancer winery has a fantastic strawberry wine during summer.
    We also like the scrapple wine from adams county winery

  55. KRISTI YEAGLEY says:

    my favorite wine is Adams County Winery’s Scrapple! it’s absolutely the best wine!

  56. Sharon Streck says:

    Tears of Gettsburg— Adams County Winery

  57. Angela Heid says:

    Adams County Winery-Rebel Red

  58. Melissa Jasinski says:

    Allegro’s Fusion!

  59. Renee Renfro says:

    My favorite from the Tour de Tank wineries is Allegro Harmony.

  60. Donna Roper says:

    Allegro’s Cadenza is my favorite.

  61. Dolores Notari says:

    Rebel Red by Adams County Winery

  62. Mike Notari says:

    Blueberry Wine from Adams County Winery

  63. Daniell Gesford says:

    Reid’s Orchard and Winery—-
    Richmond’s Rebel
    Bordeaux Blend —- love it!!!

  64. Rachel Anderson says:

    Rebel Red

  65. kim lopp says:

    I love the adams county winery, and the Tears of Gettysburg!!

  66. Melissa Auman says:

    Nissley Rhasody in Blue
    Adams county Stray cat strut

  67. Carmie George says:

    Pinot Grigio – Moon Dancer Winery

  68. Michele Mattioli says:

    Allegro Suite!

  69. John says:

    I love all the Allegro wines but my favorite would have to be the 2008 Forte

  70. Tracy says:

    Allegro Fusion!!!

  71. K. Houston says:

    Three Ships to the Wind, great Sangria!

  72. Jennifer Spangler says:

    Allegro has THE best dry reds around. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite, but, if I had to choose, it would be Cadenza!

  73. Donna Pachuilo says:

    Allego – Harmony

  74. Donna Pachuilo says:

    Allegro – Harmony and so many more. Although
    My smart phone can’t spell!

  75. dorothy bennett says:

    adams county winery – Entwine’d – dark, rich, and sweet!

  76. Lesley Maurer says:

    Rusty’s Red at Adams County Winery!!!! Mmmmm!

  77. Dawn Dincau says:

    I love several of Reid’s wines but my favorite is Merlot. If it wasn’t for Jean coaxing me to try it over and over I never would have even tried it. Everyone at Reid’s is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to sell wine and make friends at the same time.

  78. Megan Edmondson says:

    Allegro Vineyards Susquehanna White

  79. Clay Reider says:

    No doubt about it – Allegro Harmony!

  80. Pam Walker says:

    Our favorite is Adams County Rebel Red.

  81. Pam Walker says:

    I also love the adams county Tears of Gettysburg!!

  82. Tom Smith says:

    Vineyard at Hershey’s Firefly. Cab Sauv. Merlot. Best red wine in the region.

  83. Pam Walker says:

    Adams Co. President’s Choice too

  84. Courtney says:

    Allegro – Fusion

  85. Matt says:

    Allegro Harmony

  86. Gini says:

    Allegro Fusion

  87. Steve says:

    Allegro Claret

  88. Theresa Lehigh says:

    Moon Dancer–Blueberry

  89. Jenna Bankasy says:

    Had my first bottle of the Pink Catawba from Vineyard at Hershey for New Years…and cannot wait to buy my 2nd, 3rd, and 12th during the MDWT.

  90. Brandon Smith says:

    Chenin Blanc from Buddy Boy in Perry Co

    Naughty Marrieta from Nissley

  91. I’m not familiar with any local wines and that is why I’d like to explore the Mason-Dixon Wine Trail. It’s a shame I don’t know more about our own area’s wines!

  92. Pam C says:

    Allegro Harmony

  93. Heidi Freeland says:

    West Hanover- Sour Cherry Wine

  94. Lana Bittle says:

    Moon Dancer Meritage

  95. MARY says:

    Niagara by Naylor Wines

  96. LYNN says:

    Catabwa – Naylor

  97. Kimberly Lombardo says:

    Sweet – anything by Four Springs, White – Hummingbird Ridge, Red – Naylor

  98. Tracey Cullen says:

    Moon Dancer’s Ayla’s White

  99. jares says:

    Allegro harmony

  100. Denise Albert says:

    I love “The Sweet One” from Hauser’s Winery.

  101. Jill Dubbs says:

    Logan’s Blueberry wine found at Brown’s Markets in Loganville, PA

  102. Joyce Moul says:

    Just love Pinot Gris crafted by Naylor!

  103. Jennifer McGurn says:

    Adams County Winery Rebel Red

  104. Lois Bittle says:

    Naylor – Cabernet Sauvignon

  105. Stan Hitz says:

    Four on the Floor Buddy Boy Winery

  106. Stephanie Bowser says:


  107. Buffie says:

    Well done to think of soemihtng like that

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