Rent out your car, save the environment

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When someone lives in a metropolitan city, a car is usually not a necessity. However, some still like having a car, especially when it is otherwise difficult to travel outside the city limits for something needed.

When you aren’t in need of that vehicle, why not rent it out? According to the CEO of RelayRides, you also will be saving the environment.

RelayRides is a peer-to-peer car sharing service. CEO Andre Haddad said “by leaving your car sitting idle all those hours — instead of renting it out to people who need it — you are actually hurting the environment,” according to a TreeHugger article. Is that possible?

This is what Haddad told writer Eric Rogell:

The research shows when you use a shared car, there’s a combined impact of two important factors: first, it lowers the number of new cars that need to be manufactured, and secondly, shared car users tend to be a lot more conservative with their driving when they are paying by the hour or day for its use. They tend to drive less frequently and organize their time better, and to walk or ride a bike more frequently. That combined impact, according to the studies, is equivalent to taking 14 cars off the road.

Read more about Haddad’s theories about the green car movement. 

I understand this carless movement, as I was without my car a few times this past month. People are scaling down their car load for many reasons, and this is a helpful tool for both parties: the ones that don’t want to get rid of their cars, and the ones who have but might need a vehicle from time to time.

Would you rent out your car? Are you carless on purpose? How do you travel while trying to stay green?


Bethany Fehlinger

Bethany Fehlinger is a journalist in the Design Center at the York Daily Record. She is a graduate of Penn State University and has been a vegetarian and geek for more than six years. Twitter: @Wonder_veggie

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