Behind the scenes at Smart’s mother of the bride fashion shoot at Simone’s Unlimited

Sue Walters, 55 from West Manchester Township, models a mother of the bride gown at Simone’s Unlimited: Day Spa and Bridal. Get her outfit details in the next issue of Smart. Photo by Ashley May.

I asked Smart model Sue Walters if she was getting tired yet, and she said, “Are you kidding? Dressing up in beautiful dresses is every girl’s dream. I could do this all day!”

She made me smile, because I could take pictures of beautiful dresses all day — especially those from Simone’s Day Spa Bridal in Hanover.

SmartMagPA TwitPic by April Trotter during the Smart Magazine mother of the bride fashion shoot at Simone’s Day Spa Bridal boutique March 5.

Smart editor April Trotter, high school shadow Morgan Staub and I spent most of last Tuesday afternoon alongside designer gowns, classic jewelry, high-end clutches and a handful of stylists that knew how to best create a mother-of-the-bride ensemble.

That’s right, prepare to find a fashion spread of all things mother of the bride in the next issue of Smart.

I will share valuable tips we learned about how to master a mature, classic look without looking frumpy, outdated or immodest. Get excited to see some beautiful gowns!

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