Of Pots and Pens: Whole wheat flax seed dinner rolls

Whole wheat flax seed dinner rolls by Rebecca LeFever ofpotsandpens.com

Don’t run away just yet. I know the title sounds pretty healthy, right? So much fiber you won’t need any more fiber for a week kind of healthy.

It’s not so bad, really.

I whipped up a batch of these rolls Wednesday afternoon and even had my fiance Will help me roll them out into snakes (OK, ropes, but when we were kids we called them snakes) and into little knots before baking in the oven.

If I had a little more time on my hands, or cared about how these rolls looked, I might have looked up how to make a proper bread knot. Instead, we twisted them into all sorts of shapes and tried to mold them into pretty little mounds. It kind of worked.

Either way, they were hearty rolls that were good with a helping of butter. See, that makes up for all the healthy-ness, right?

These don’t have a ton of moisture, so I suggest freezing any leftovers. Defrost them, as needed, by baking for about 12 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

For more photos and to see the recipe visit Of Pots and Pens.

Rebecca Hanlon

Rebecca Hanlon is the health reporter with a religion sub beat at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Follow her on Twitter @mrsbeccahanlon or on Facebook at facebook.com/byrebeccahanlon.

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