How to turn chopsticks into kitchen art

Frame decorative chopsticks to add a pop of color to your kitchen. Instagram by Ashley May

Looking for a way to add a pop of color to your kitchen?

Learn how to turn unused Chinese take-out chopsticks or decorative chopsticks into a piece of hanging-wall art for your kitchen:

You will need:

    10 pairs of chopsticks
    No more than 10 feet of ribbon (1/4″ wide)
    A 12-by-12 inch shadow box

Feel free to paint plain wooden chopsticks with a lacquer or buy pairs already wrapped with a pattern — some also come with colorful silk covers.

Line up all 10 pairs of chopsticks in the order you wish to display them. Cut a third of the ribbon and weave it through the chopsticks, back and forth (look at the video below for a demonstration). Then, tie it in a knot and bow on one side. Repeat this process twice, tying the knots at the same side each time.

Then, place your craft in the shadow box. Add any extra items you would like and hang your art on the wall. If your chopsticks are sliding around too much in the shadow box, feel free to use four pieces of extra ribbon to secure the craft to the back of the frame (like shown in the photo above).

Add additional chopsticks to fill out the shadow box, if you want a different look.

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    Chopsticks are really flexible. Besides from its normal use, it can also use in many ways like what you post here. I also read in other site that personalized chopsticks can also be used as a deadly weapon.

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