How I Pinch a Penny: Kid print craft makes great gift

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My mom loves the crafts the kids make. For her birthday this year, I decided we were going to make her some kids prints.

My mom loves gardening, flowers and watching birds visit her bird feeder. That kind of makes her sound like a little old lady — but she isn’t!

This woman will move hundreds of pounds of mulch each year to landscape her flower beds. She moves her more than 50 potted plants around each day to get the optimum sun light. No rocking chairs for this grandma!

I bought red and brown paint at the craft store and we painted the kids feet (so much giggling involved) and did the prints on card stock paper. We added the grandchild’s name, age and the date to to top of the bird. I also drew in a wing, feet, an eye and the beak with a marker.

Pro tip: When getting the print of a 10 week old (or any baby!), try putting the paper on a vertical surface and hold the baby up to the paper. They curl their toes less this way.

I took them to an office supply store and had them laminated for about $2.50 after tax.

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  1. Rather than sending out Christmas cards or the dull Christmas email, one of my corporate clients had their employees’ kids draw Christmas pictures, which were then put into a slideshow and emailed to all the customers. It was so well received that I’d recommend this to anyone.

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