Video: Create yarn eggs for Easter

Smart tip: Yarn eggs

These yarn eggs hold a special treat inside. (iPhone photo by Sarah Chain)

One of my favorite parts of Easter as a child was hunting for my Easter basket. The Easter Bunny, in my household, anyhow, was very good at hiding it!

With the holiday only a week away, check out a fun (and easy!) craft to really stump the kids on Easter morning: yarn eggs.

Check out the video for a run-through from beginning to end, with step-by-step directions spelled out below.

You’ll need:

  • Yarn
  • Water or regular balloons
  • Glue — white glue, Mod Podge, tacky glue
  • Small trinkets or chocolates
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Newspaper
  • A small dish (preferably disposable)

First, cover your work area with newspaper — you’ll get a little messy at times. Then take a balloon and insert the trinket. Water balloons will work with smaller items and give you smaller eggs; I used regular balloons to hide the chocolate I used.

Then, blow up your balloon — with the trinket inside — just slightly. You can use an air pump, if needed. Once you’ve tied the balloon, pour out the glue into your dish, mixing two parts water and one part glue.

Take your yarn and wrap it around your egg — without the glue! — changing directions until there are no holes big enough for your trinket to fall out of. I used about 10 feet for a baseball-sized “egg.” Then, unwrap your egg and douse your yarn in the glue mixture.

Wrap your glue-covered yarn around the balloon, again ensuring there are no gaps large enough for your trinket to fall through. Then, sit tight: It took my egg overnight (about 12 hours) to dry.

Once the glue has dried, use scissors to (carefully) cut out the balloon. Then, voila! Your kids will wonder how the treat got inside — and once you’re ready, you can cut open the egg to retrieve the prize.

Adults, you can also use this craft for home decor, if you’d like — just skip the trinket, and use whatever shape best fits your home.

Sarah Chain

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