Snow in spring: How to dress in between seasons

You want to look like this today, but instead, you are still stuck in a sweater and snow boots. Don’t worry — you can bridge the gap between seasons with some creativity. (AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini)

It’s spring — but, it’s hard to find the tulip bulbs under the snow, much less the spring colors underneath your winter coat. Yes, it’s been a cold start to spring, and one with extremely unpredictable weather.

So, how are you supposed to dress?

It’s not impossible to blossom into spring fashion — it just takes a little extra thought.

Don’t ditch your gloves, scarves and boots just yet. Because we just got several inches of snow Monday, I would advise keeping your winter accessories handy for another week or two. You don’t want your pink pants getting winter wet when you are scraping ice off your car. Wear your UGGs to work; then, switch shoes at the office.

Pull out the spring clothes slowly. Green pants? Yes. Sleeveless blouse? No. Go spring, but keep warm.

Do wear spring jewelry. Put on those chunky pastel necklaces. Adding a flower hair accessory is fun, too.

Do feel like you can shop for spring clothes. Warmer weather will come — eventually. It’s OK to pick up a spring outfit you fall in love with, just wear it when it’s practical.

Be friends with your weather app. Ask Siri, check your local news and do look out the window before you step outside — you don’t want to miss an opportunity to wear that spring dress when the warm weather debuts.


Ashley May

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