Getting used to a different kind of busy

I used to think I was busy.

Doesn’t everybody?

I was so rushed in the mornings.

Oh, the stress of getting myself out the door each day.

I didn’t have time to eat breakfast. I didn’t have time to go to the gym.

There just wasn’t enough time to pack a lunch.

Those were the days.

Now my mornings are like some kind of obstacle course. They make my former “busy” mornings seem so easy.

My obstacles: Two children — a sleepy 7-year-old and a cranky 3-year-old.

The 7-year-old doesn’t want to get up. And when she finally rises, she stumbles around the house, trying to find another opportunity to lie down and drift back to sleep.

The 3-year-old is wide awake. Even when he sleeps, he rarely stops moving. When the sun is up, so is Charlie.

And he doesn’t wake pleasantly. He’s angry, and he demands to “go downstairs.”

I don’t understand what is so special about “downstairs,” but there is no doubt that’s where he wants to be.

If I don’t move fast enough, he screams.

At some point, I get both children to the table and try to feed them something. Most mornings, they eat cereal. And it takes them f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish slurping and spilling it.

As they eat, I check Mara’s backpack, make sure all her homework is in there and everything is in order. Most mornings, I pack her a lunch — and try to remember to throw some food in a bag for myself, too.

When they’re done eating, I put some clothes on them, brush their hair and teeth, and, since this winter refuses to give up, I get them suited up with coats, hats and mittens.

Once we’re all out the door, I’m so overjoyed to be sort of on time, that I have been known to forget important things. Like my house and car keys. After I close and lock the door to the house.

After I strap Charlie into his car seat and help Mara into her booster seat, we make our way to school.

I drop off Mara with a hug and a kiss and then zip over to daycare to hand off Charlie.

It’s like a two-hour mini-marathon before I get to work every day.

A wise man once told me that the amount of work you have will naturally fill the time allotted to it.

So, if you have just three things to do in two hours, those three things will likely fill that time.

But if you need to fit 100 things into that same timeframe, you’ll probably figure that out, too.

Some days I’m overwhelmed by my morning routine, but lately I’ve been thinking that I could fit a few more things into my mornings.

Because I’m still not as busy as I think I am.

Kara Eberle is the day metro editor at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. She lives with her two children, husband and new kitty in Dover Township.

Kara Eberle

Mother of two. Wife to Mark. From Adams County. Graduated from Penn State. Often find myself humming the theme song to "The A-Team" and have no idea why. Send your news tips to or @karaeberle on Twitter.

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