2013 Peeps Diorama Contest winners announced

A Lincoln Intermediate Unit life skills class won first place with this entry.

The Lincoln Intermediate Unit’s life skills class at Dallastown Area High School did some time traveling this winter.
Instructor Patricia Baughman used the York Daily Record/Sunday News Peeps Diorama Contest to challenge the young adults in her class to learn about history.

“When we heard it was the 60th anniversary (of Peeps) we thought that would be a good thing to play off of,” Baughman said.

The marshmallow candy brand, a crucial element to the project and many Easter baskets, was introduced in 1953.

Since her students love music and dancing, they decided to incorporate those elements into their project. While working on the diorama, students researched trends from the past and honed their fine motor skills.

The finished product includes Peeps bunnies and chicks doing the jitterbug, the twist, disco and the worm.

Baughman said that earlier in the year, she was trying to encourage her students to go to homecoming. She helped them learn the dance to “Gangnam Style,” so they included the pop craze into the project as well.

Check out the full story and see all the winning entries at ydr.com.

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