Rhoad to the Altar: Being far
from family gets lonely sometimes

Sometimes Ohio comes to me! Two of my bridesmaids came to visit during last year’s Taste of PA Wine Festival.

Living eight hours from everything you grew up with is hard.

And lonely sometimes.

And while wedding planning without every single person’s input can be a blessing, it’s definitely not as much fun when you can’t involve your family or your bridesmaids. It also makes me appreciate the fact that Christian is so involved even more.

While Christian was out of town Saturday for a beard competition in Philly (check out his beard in all its glory), I wanted to do get some of the super girly parts of the wedding planning process out of the way, such as

I’m trying to decide between “jade,” left, and “tealness,” right. I wish there was a color in between.

dresses, shoes and rings. This called for a trip to Lancaster to the mall and the outlets.

Two weeks ago, I picked out my bridesmaids dresses, but I wanted to check the color swatches in person before deciding on “jade” or “tealness.” Who comes up with these names anyway? What’s wrong with just teal?

I really like this ring because it’s rose gold, and it’s very different from any of the others I’ve tried on. It’s called a buckle insert, and my engagement ring fits inside of it.

Among other things on my to-do list was confirm my shoes size for a pair of Clark’s that I’m 99 percent sure about. Check them our here. I’m worried about walking on the cobblestones in the slightest heal, though. And to check out this rose gold wedding band I haven’t been able to stop thinking about.

Read about the other rings I’m torn between.

So, while Saturday was a day filled with wedding details, it was done by myself. It’s hard being so far away from my mom when I value her advice. She gives me a perspective on things like pointing out a ring or a dress I might never have tried on. Or she might notice a pair of shoes that I glanced over because I was so focused on something else I was looking for. Plus, she can get kinda crafty when she wants to.

I also miss my other relatives, like my aunts and grandma, who have great do-it-yourself ideas and get me excited about the planning process instead of feeling overwhelmed. And I definitely miss the decades-long friendships that, while they still carry on, aren’t as accessible from two states away. Three of my bridesmaid are in Columbus, and one is in West Virginia, making it very hard to say, “Hey let’s go look at color swatches and then get dinner and drinks.”

So while this blog post is about the more specific aspect of planning the big day, it’s also about how difficult it is to do it when your closest friends and family are at the other end of the stratosphere.

I like to get (way too many) opinions on things before I make a decision, and oftentimes I’m probably way too easily influenced by what other people think. But sometimes, it’s nice to have someone else there to say, “Yes, that IS awesome,” or “God, what were you thinking?”

Slowly but surely

Left: Week 1 Right: Week 8

After eight weeks in braces, I can absolutely tell my teeth have shifted. Despite my fiance making fun of me, I’ve been documenting my progress every week since Day 2, and I’m excited to the see the progress my teeth have (somewhat painfully) made since Feb. 8. I get a new wire put in on April 8, moving them ever closer to perfection for my big day!

Check out my story about getting them put on.

“We can make that”
In addition to shopping on Saturday, I got sucked into the world that is Etsy for about three hours on Friday night. Sidenote: Found this awesome Ohio T-shirt I want sooo bad.

There are two things that I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for: a veil and a sash for my dress. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and like Christian always says, “We can make that!”

While making a veil could be a little tricky, I have found a couple DIY sites. Check them out on our Pinterest board. And even if I fail miserably, I shouldn’t have more than $15 or so invested. I found few DIY sites to make a really nice fascinator for a birdcage veil, which would look super cute if I decided to wear my hair short. Even if I didn’t wear a birdcage veil, a fascinator would be a cute accessory to wear during the reception after the veil comes off.

I love these roses made out book pages, and think they would be a pretty (and cheaper) option to real flowers for my bridesmaids.

I also think that I want my bridesmaids to carry bouquets of the book paper roses I made a few weeks ago. Get the directions and see how to make them. When they came to visit a few weeks ago, my mom brought some cute crafty flowers that can be stuck in with the bigger roses and  some ribbon that can be looped into the bouquets to add some color.

So, it’s time to roll up my DIY sleeves and get to work. Weddings on a budget can be fun, and I feel like everything is so much more personal when you take the time to make it yourself. Who knows, the veil I make could become a family heirloom?

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