How I Pinch a Penny: Dinner for six for less than $60

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My husband and I love to entertain.

But like many who love to entertain we don’t take the time to do it nearly enough.

So last weekend we had two couples over for fancy dinner.

I was able to feed six people an appetizer, Steak Diane, sauteed green beans, roasted potatoes and apple pie for $10 each.

How much would that cost you in your local fancy restaurant? I bet you couldn’t get the entree alone for less than $30.

Here is how I did it:

Two days before the dinner, I went to my grocery store early in the morning. When I say “early,” I mean 9 am. This is the time the meat manager is coming around and marking down the meat that will go out that day.

Just because the meat is dated for a “sell by” does not mean that at the stroke of midnight it goes bad. It means that the grocery store has to sell the meat by that date to ensure that you, the consumer, will have enough time to take it home, store it and consume it in a timely manner and the product still be of a good quality.

If you are eating the meat that night or even the day or two after the date you are still good to purchase your “reduced price” meat.

I went to the grocery store two days in a row to get the reduced filet mignon cuts. In my grocery store, this was a discount of 40-60 percent. That is a pretty good savings for me when it comes to anything, never mind a premium cut of meat!

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