Container Garden Chronicles: Beginning anew

container gardening

From left, Swiss chard, a tomato bush, two cherry tomato plants, a cucumber plant and the parsley. (iPhone photo by Sarah Chain)

This past Saturday, I planted my garden.

I pulled my six pots from the floor of my bedroom closet (apartment living = little storage), found my gardening trowel and somehow managed to lift the pre-purchased bag of organic soil down my apartment stairs and into the trunk of my car.

I stopped by Why Not Greenhouses in Dover (whose owners were very helping with my many questions), then filled in with a few things from Stauffer’s — six plants total.

I drove over to the YDR offices, unloaded my car and made a significant mess filling my pots and planting my plants. I finished just as a shower passed through.

Then I went home… and promptly forgot about my garden.

Container Garden ChroniclesSo when I remembered to check on my plants today around lunchtime, they looked a little thirsty. Pro tip No. 1: Water your plants. Often. Especially when they’re in containers.

But once I get into the swing of things (read: Remember to give my plants the basic necessities for survival), I’m hoping they’ll spring back to life.

Tomatoes are my mainstay this year with three plants, as I enjoyed those the most last summer — my first year of container gardening. I nixed the bell peppers, as I wasn’t thrilled by the return on investment. But I’m back at it with cucumbers, my sad and abysmal failure of 2012. I’m hoping in a larger pot, a cucumber plant will thrive.

Swiss chard

My Swiss chard looked decidedly happier on Saturday, above, before I neglected to water it for three days. (iPhone photo by Sarah Chain)

My two new forays are parsley (everyone can grow herbs, right? Right?!) and the Swiss chard.

It’s the chard that’s worrying me. I’ve never grown greens. Are they supposed to stand up? Or fall over? Do they need staked? More water? To be sung a song?

I’m not sure, folks. But it looks like I’ll find out this summer.

Sarah Chain

I'm an avid reader and book lover living and working in downtown York. Follow me on Twitter at @sarahEchain.

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  1. Mom says:

    They sell this great product called Soil Moist (polymer crystals) that you mix with the potting soil. It soaks up excess water and releases it later, when the soil is dry.

  1. July 10, 2013

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