Illuminate your outdoor space with a variety of products

Courtesy of Schaedler Yesco Lighting Design Center

As summer arrives, our thoughts turn to the great outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

For those who want to entertain well into the evening, manufacturers offer a variety of options for deck, patio and pathway lighting to maximize your enjoyment of the balmy evenings ahead.

Follow the light

Path lights are gaining in popularity, said Joe Nardo, owner of Private Paradise Construction in Springettsbury Township.

The usually 12-volt wired lighting “illuminates a pathway and spreads a warm, ambient glow driven by an independent transformer that is connected to the house,” he said.

Many of his customers are opting for a “dust-to-dawn” system, which is triggered when the sun goes down.

“It can also be activated by a programmable timer you can control via iPhone,” Nardo said.

Pick a theme

For product information, visit the showroom at 310 Lincoln Way East, New Oxford, or call 717-334-0106.

Nardo said theme lighting packages are big for summer 2013.

“Frogs are very popular. You can choose frogs holding copper umbrellas to illuminate a path and the light is located in the umbrella,” Nardo said.

He said wall sconces and pendant lights are also available to match the theme.

“Some resemble trumpet flowers and are made of bronze, with a tree frog climbing down the bloom,” he added.

The sky is the limit when it comes to options for lighting your outdoor space.

“We even have a 2-foot-tall lighted urn on a bronze pedestal that costs $2,000,” Nardo said. “But we offer lighting selections as low as $30.”

Do it yourself

Jim Teoli, manager of the York Home Depot, says there are many do-it-yourself options.

“We offer a ton of ‘plug and play’ solar solutions, which you just stick in the ground, and they light up the area,” he said.

Teoli said the store also offers Brella Lights, which fit under any eight-rib patio umbrella. They are an easy solution to add extra light to an eating area and remain with the umbrella if it is open, closed or stored.

Home Depot also offers solar post cap lighting, which snap on a deck post

Add mood lighting

Teoli said many of his customers who want simple lighting solutions opt for solar table lamps.

“A lot of our patio sets have end and side tables, so they are a good choice for a portable solution,” he said.

The weatherproof lamps come complete with shades.

DIY paint can lights

Photo courtesy of Lowes Creative Ideas

Estimated cost: $7 + paint
Skill level: Beginner
Tools: Tracing paper, pencil, straightedge, right angle, hole punch, fine-tip Sharpie, shoe box, safety goggles, paint brush, electric drill, 3/8-inch drill bit, tea lights
Supplies: 1-quart metal paint can with lid, 12-ounce can of Valspar Gray Spray Primer, paint

Step 1: To create a pattern like the one pictured, draw a 13 ¼-inch by 4-inch rectangle on a piece of legal- or tabloid-size paper. Then draw three lines to divide it into four equal sections, each 3 5/16-inch wide. Draw an “X” between the corners of each section. Lay a ruler on both diagonals of each “X” and mark the lines every 3/8 inch from the center to the corners.

Step 2: Cut the pattern to size. Using transparent tape, fasten the pattern snugly on the can. Now, rest the can in a shoe box to collect the metal fragments as you drill.

Step 3: Wearing safety goggles, drill the pattern into the can using a 3/8-inch drill bit.

Step 4: Prime with the spray primer, then apply a base coat with a small, flat paintbrush. Apply a second coat if necessary. Let dry overnight.

Step 5: Place a tea light inside the can.

— Source: Lowes Creative Ideas

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