Container garden chronicles: The benefits of rain


Parsley! Quite a bit, actually, but only about a third of my plant’s growth so far.

One of the things I struggle with most in container gardening is giving my plants enough water. The soil in the containers dries out fast, and when we have a slew of 90-degree days, I worry.

But the recent soaking rains have been great for my plants: On Monday, I harvested the first cuts of parsley. (I also forced co-foodie and locavore Miss Reciplease! to smell it as I headed back to my desk, of course.) I’m pretty excited to see how I can work it into dinner this week.

Container Garden ChroniclesI also noticed the fruit on one of my cherry tomato plants is turning yellow, and my Swiss chard is vibrant and thriving.

The best news? I did a little research and discovered that Swiss chard is a “cut and come again” plant. If I harvest just the outer leaves, the inner ones will continue to grow. That’s fabulous news for a single girl who can eat only so much chard — and a frugal girl who loves gifts that keep on giving.

What does your garden look like this week? What are you harvesting? Leave a comment and let us know.



swiss chard

Swiss chard!

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