Manners Matter: Say ‘thank you’ to your child’s teacher

Photo courtesy of Sweet Flour Bake Shop

Photo courtesy of Sweet Flour Bake Shop

The end of the school year is upon us.

Parents are busy selecting gifts to show appreciation to their child’s teacher.

This week, we will review the guidelines and etiquette of teacher gifting.

How much to spend

Set a budget of $10 to $25 for your teacher gift. If you have something more expensive in mind, make it a class gift. Try to ask all the parents from your child’s class if they could please each contribute a reasonable amount toward the present.

Ways to say ‘thank you’

Most of the teachers I have worked with really do appreciate the gesture of gratitude. It truly is the thought behind the gift that counts. Some of my most treasured possessions from teaching are handmade cards and notes from my students. Consider having your child write and decorate their own card.

Who should you consider giving a gift?

Daycare instructors, preschool teachers and elementary school teachers

When is gifting appropriate?

It is appropriate to give a gift for holidays, National Teacher Day and at the end of the school year.

What to give

Think of something that your child’s teacher would enjoy — but not normally indulge in — like a gift certificate to a restaurant or a gift basket filled with special items or treats.

What to avoid

Avoid giving expensive and extravagant gifts that are over the top. Also consider the amount of coffee mugs ornaments and knickknacks that he/she has most likely received from adoring pupils over the years and consider purchasing something unique.

Never give cash to your child’s teacher as a gift.

Involve your child in the process of gift giving in order to teach them one way we can express gratitude.

Happy summer to all the teachers out there — and thank you for all you do!

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Heidi Thomas

Heidi Thomas is a certified etiquette trainer from Sparkle and Shine Modeling and Etiquette program at GYDance. For more information on Thomas and the program, visit Greater York Dance's website,

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