Smart Fashion Panel: What is a favorite fashion item someone else bought you?

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Gifts are fun. They remind us who in our lives really knows what we love and took the time to buy it for us. Sometimes, the gifter shows us something we normally wouldn’t choose, but learn to love. Among fashionistas, this usually means discovering a new designer or becoming obsessed with a style we previously passed over.

This week, the Fashion Panel shares a special accessory that they can’t get enough of, but didn’t buy themselves.

What is a favorite fashion item someone else bought you?

Miss Peanutty: While vending in Philadelphia last February, Francene Yorko, the fabulous designer of Martha Rotten Jewelry, watched me pull out a tiny figurine of a white poodle. I proceeded to take him on an imaginary walk in the park that was illustrated on my coffee cup. He was a gift to me from a flea market vendor who loves Charlie, my Labradoodle, and insisted I have this tiny replica of him.

peanut photo

Francene took one look at this little creation and stated, “I could cast him into jewelry.” “How exciting!” I thought. However the only catch was I would have to sacrifice my little poodle because she was uncertain he would survive the casting process. I had to think about it. I briefly thought of all our memories together and then of a world full of Charlie fashion accessories. Certainly that world would be a more adorable place. So with trepidation I handed him over.

Month passed while I received photographs of Charlie’s transformation. Then, in May, Francene had a surprise for me. She had done it! She had reinvented my beloved figurine and created a whole collection of Charlie-inspired jewelry. I was gifted earrings, necklaces and broaches. Since then, I have been blissfully wearing my baby wherever I go as both a reminder of my beloved pet and also of my girl genius friend Francene. Check out how fabulous she is at

Hilary Arthur: I have been with my husband for 11 years and at this point he really understands what I like.  I’ve trained him well and he has come a long way since the early days in Brooklyn when he would wear a Rocawear Texas Tuxedo!!

bagI tend to gravitate towards a special, one-of-a-kind piece or fashion collector’s item. I especially love when designers collaborate with artists, so one of my most prized fashion possessions is the Louis Vuitton “Kusama Speedy” bag that Greg got me for my 34th birthday. Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who resides in a mental institution and utilizes polka dots (some say obsessively) in almost all her works from sculptures to paintings and self-portraits.

I love owning a small piece of her artistic genius. The fact that it is wearable art and a gift from my husband make it the crown jewel in my bag collection!

Miss Peanutty, owner of Miss Ruth's Time Bomb a vintage clothing store in Carlisle

Miss Peanutty owns Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb (a vintage clothing store) in Carlisle. Her personal style rarely follows rules, decades or the mainstream. Instead, it’s an eclectic mash-up of what is currently fueling her imagination, re-discovered in her closet and unearthed at a thrift shop.



Hilary Arthur owns Arthur and Daughters in York. She can’t describe her personal style as one thing like preppy, boho, classic, tomboy or ladylike, as there are to many things she likes about all those elements. She just tries to wear what she really loves, what speaks to her — and that way she always feels good.

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