How I Pinch a Penny: Making cherry jam

Photo courtesy of How I Pinch a Penny

Photo courtesy of How I Pinch a Penny

There is a small window for cherry picking in my region.

Just after strawberries have peaked, it is cherry picking time! People in my area flock to the local orchards to pick different variety of cherries.

We picked bing cherries for making jam this year. Look for cherries that are a deep, vibrant burgundy.

Once you get home with your cherries give them a good washing, removing all the stems and leaves.

Then use a cherry pitter to get out the pit.

Some orchards will remove the pits from the cherries for you with a commercial pitter. If you are fortunate enough to have this service take advantage of it!

Pitting cherries by hand is a slow process — at least it is for me. Let’s just say it is the pits (cherry humor!).

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