Create curb appeal : Spruce up your home’s exterior

Norman Winter/MCT

Norman Winter/MCT

Improving your home’s curb appeal might seem like a big job.

But when it’s tackled in chunks with a little elbow grease, it’s not such an arduous task.

In fact, most upgrades can be made with simple weekend projects.

“Taking care of your outdoor plants and shrubbery is huge for curb appeal,” said Tina Llorente, a Realtor with Re/Max Patriots, 1770 E. Market St., Springettsbury Township.

Trim the shrubs and hedges, keep the lawn mowed, weed the flower beds and put down fresh mulch. If your budget allows for more improvements, invest in good landscaping.

“I always like to have a spot of color — a flag or some type of potted plant,” Llorente said.

Containers of flowers for the porch or steps will add to your façade. Hanging baskets or window boxes are also colorful options. But Llorente warns homeowners to be mindful of the size of plants: Make sure the containers and plants are large enough to be seen from the street.

A fresh coat of paint can also go a long way. Llorente said painting the front door, shutters, columns or trim is a good way to spruce up your home. Painting the garage doors can also make a big difference.

Another tip? Don’t underestimate the power of a good cleaning. Consider power washing the house and roof. And don’t forget to clean the lamps at the front door, including glass panels or globes.

If you have a brass knocker or other fittings on your front door, Llorente recommends using a bit of jewelry or brass cleaner to make them shine.

“Clean your windows,” Llorente said. She recommends a window-cleaning product for your garden hose; just hook it up and spray your windows for an easy clean.

“It dries clean and clear with no streaks,” Llorente said.

More Smart ideas

Whether or not you’re looking to put your house on the market anytime soon, you should make the most of its first impression.

Here are additional ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal.

  1. Install a new mailbox.
  2. Attach new house numbers to your façade. Match the finish with your exterior lighting.
  3. Get a new mat for the front door.
  4. Plant a tree. Make sure the roots or branches won’t damage the house and consider its mature size when choosing a location.
  5. Make sure your curtains and blinds have a uniform look from the outside and update them if needed.
  6. Create a seating area on your porch. Add a porch swing, Adirondack chairs or other outdoor furniture. Accessorizing with cushions and pillows will create a welcoming space.

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