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This is a sponsored post by Allison Given, co-owner, The Susquehanna Photographic

Specialty drinks from The Green Bean Rosting Co.

Specialty drinks menu from The Green Bean Roasting Co.

Over the years since my husband and I opened our photography business in downtown York, I have been constantly impressed by the ability of our downtown businesses to collaborate with one another.

Ourselves included, these business owners show a preference to their neighbors’ services and products, and rightfully so.

We’ve got some great little shops, some talented artists, and some delicious places to eat and drink. And the creativity that emerges from some of these collaborations is always entertaining and inspiring. York’s independent businesses are all so community minded that they readily jump on board for various events.

So I guess it should be no surprise that some of our local downtown eateries put their culinary thinking caps on for this year’s York City Boutique Week.

And I, being a native Yorker, do love to eat and drink. It’s in our blood here. Especially when I’m going to need fuel for all the shopping to be had during Boutique Week. Here’s how a few chic chefs are getting in the spirit (which I fully plan on taking advantage of):

The Green Bean Roasting Co. (Beaver St. & King St.) has put together a whole MENU of fashion inspired, caffeine filled drinks to get you going on your BW shopping spree:

  • “The Parisian”- Nutella Latte (I had this last year and it was bangin’)
  • “The Hollywood”- Skinny Vanilla (so you can still fit into all your BW buys)
  • “The 5th Avenue”- Toffee Nut & Chocolate
  • “The Red Sole”- Raspberry & White Chocolate (high heels required?)
  • “Cocoa Chanel”- Black & White Chocolate (bound to go with any outfit)
  • “Honey Go Lightly”- Honey and Hazelnut (judging by how good the honey lattes are normally, this might make you die from bliss)


The Ladybug Baking Company’s “Stiletto.”

The Ladybug Baking Company (Beaver St.) is getting into BW in full force. Not only do they have the “Stiletto,” a shoe-shaped cupcake using a milano cookie and other sweets to make it stand, but they’re selling them for a good cause. 50 cents of each Stiletto goes to a local women’s charity.

And there’s something in it for you too beyond the sugary goodness: every purchase made during Boutique Week enters you into a drawing to win a Coach wristlet!

All About Brownies (in Central Market) is making sure the women of downtown York don’t go without chocolate for one minute between shops. PHEW. They’ve crafted a Double Chocolate Brownie with “Heresy” Ganache. Heresy is a whiskey barrel aged imperial stout from Weyerbacher brewing company. And just for BW, they’re offering any three brownie slices for $5.

White Rose Bar & Grill (Beaver St. and Philadelphia St.) is shaking it up with a “Red Carpet Cosmo”: a rosey concoction of Smirnoff No. 21, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice. This could be a perfect pre-show drink before a sidewalk sale or fashion show, though fashionable folks can be seen here at any given moment.

Cupcakes from Just Cupcakes.

Cupcakes from Just Cupcakes.

Just Cupcakes (Philadelphia St.) is putting their own sweet spin on fashion. They’re dressing up some of their most popular cupcake flavors with extra fancy decorations and designer names and getting them ready to go out on the town:

  • “Cocoa Caramel”- chocolate cake with salted caramel icing
  • “High Halston”- high top chocolate cake with chocolate dipped marshmallow topping
  • “Donatello Vanilla”- dressed up vanilla
  • “Jimmy Choo-colate”- dressed up chocolate
  • “Lilly Pulitzer”- chocolate or vanilla cake, creme filling
  • “Red Valentino”- red velvet
  • “Eve St. L’orange”- orange cake, orange frosting
  • “Apple Kor”- apple cake dipped in caramel frosting with topped with nuts
  • “Berry Wang”- strawberry cake

If you didn’t have a sweet tooth before, you sure do now. Have fun trying these tasty Boutique Week specials through Friday as you shop until you drop.

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