Create your own haunted trees for Halloween

The idea for this Halloween craft was found on Pinterest. All you need to create this project are a pair of scissors, black spray paint and some brown-paper lunch bags. (WEEKLY RECORD -- SONYA PACLOB)


I’m a crafter. I love making jewelry, holiday decorations, floral arrangements and wreaths, to name a few.

But I’m also frugal. After I like an idea, I figure out whether it’s worth it to recreate for my home — for not a lot of money.

This paper-bag tree project was inspired by Pinterest, specifically

If you pack lunches in a brown paper bag, you probably have these items in the home for this project:


    · Brown-paper lunch bags

    · Scissors

    · Black spray paint

    Since your home probably has a pair of scissors and you won't use all the spray paint or your lunch- bag supply for this project, it literally only costs pennies and very little of your time.

    Here's the step-by-step process:

    Cut the lunch bag in strips, about an inch from the crease of the base of the paper bag. Cut about seven or eight strips per bag, more if you want more branches.

    Twist the strips together at the base, and flatten the base of the bag so your tree will stand up. This is your tree trunk.

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